Sometimes you just have to fake it..

There’s something special about the scent of a real Nordic Spruce. But if you don’t want your Christmas tree to drop its needles and droop before the big day, there’s no shame in choosing a faux option – and these days they’re looking better than ever – with some of this year’s offerings being hard to tell from the real thing.

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Or don’t even try to fool anyone and just go for shimmering foil for full-on fabulousness, with something like Amara’s glittering gold number. Cover it in kitsch and colourful baubles and make yours the most glamorous tree on the street.

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If you prefer a simpler and less traditional style, you’re spoilt for choice. Opt for Branch from Demelza Hill, hand-crafted from sustainably-sourced maple, it has a cool and clean Scandi aesthetic. The Metal Cone tree from Cox & Cox has a pared-back style that evokes a festive vibe that’s free from glitz or gaudiness – or the Arram tree at Habitat is wrapped in multi-coloured wool for a contemporary take on Christmas.

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For those who find arranging fairy lights a faff, there’s a pre-lit LED tree at Balsam Hill. Or invite a a festive touch of frost into your home and pick up Sainsbury’s 6ft Snowy tree. Its snow tipped branches will provide a neutral backdrop that will work with a seasonal colour scheme of your choosing, while Dobbie’s Ombre tree gets fashionably frostier, fading from silvery white to black.

Whatever style you go for, you can relax safe in the knowledge your tree will stay perky till long after the presents are unwrapped. And you can give the vacuum a rest at the same time. Result.

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