Best artificial Christmas trees for 2024 - the most realistic buys we've found this year, plus Cyber Monday deals

Trust us — these 9 faux trees are high-quality, easy to assemble, pre-lit, and just as fun and festive as the real deal

Row of Christmas trees
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While there might be nothing that can truly replicate a real fir in your living room, there's a reason why so many people love the best artificial Christmas trees. Real trees are messy; they need watering, a hefty stand, and then properly disposed of come January 2nd. 

Fake trees, of course, need nothing but decoration. Many come pre-lit, so there is no fussing with temperamental string lights or errant bulbs. And when it's time to bid adieu to the holidays, you simply take the branches apart and store the tree in your basement or hall closet until next year. What is better still is if you can get them at a discounted price on Cyber Monday.

The best artificial trees now look so realistic. There are plenty of alternatives out there that look just as good as the real deal without any of the fuss; you just have to know exactly where to buy Christmas decorations

Best trees over 7 feet

Best flocked trees

Best smaller trees

What are the best artificial Christmas trees made from?

When you're shopping online, it can be hard to tell exactly the texture of the Christmas tree you're buying without a close-up image of the branches, but there's an easy way to tell what you're getting from the materials it's made from.

Traditionally, Christmas trees were (and still are) made from PVC strips cut to imitate the needles on a real tree. These are the flat, papery style trees you probably remember from your childhood, but that many manufacturers still create today, as they're more affordable.

Modern Christmas trees that look super realistic tend to be made from moulded plastic known as PE. These trees use moulds to create a realistic representation of a tree branches with individual needles. They're more expensive, but they look better.

You may also find trees that combine the two types - this gives a realistic look, but allows for a fuller-looking tree that's more budget-friendly than a full PE tree.

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