I'm a style editor and Anthropologie has nailed holiday decor - here's how to festively elevate your home

From garlands and mugs to ornaments and wreaths, Anthropologie has cornered the market on perfect Christmas decor. Here's what I'm planning to use in my home

Colorful taper candles in gold holders surround a luxurious place setting at a table.
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

If you’re like me and are counting down the days until the holiday season begins in earnest (please, no one check my Spotify listening history), boy, do I have some good news for you: Anthropologie has already released a slew of holiday-themed decor - from ornaments to garlands to all the baubles in between - and I'm highlighting some of the best of the best below.  

The Anthropologie Black Friday sale is always a highlight at Livingetc -  its mark downs are often up to 75% off. But while we wait for that, the brand generally is one of Livingetc's go-tos for the curated, modern/luxe look that we feel is so right for now. I love how browsing its gems feels like visiting a bazaar, where you'll find some understated classics next to a some really unexpected finds. Livingetc's editor's choice of Anthropologie's collection highlights this approach to perfection.

But back to the festivities, and while you can view all of Anthropologie's holiday and Christmas decor here, my edit takes in all of the interior decoration I believe will have you feeling merry on the inside.

Anthropologie Christmas wreaths and garlands

Garland over a decorated mantle.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Wreaths are somewhat of a blank canvas (albeit a format-limited one) for designers, and I always look forward to seeing what Anthropologie does with theirs. That said, this year looks focused more on dreamy garlands and playful Christmas lighting. I’m not complaining!

Anthropologie Christmas candles

Candy cane tin candle.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Anthropologie’s candle game is like no other. Affordable jars and tins, addictive scents, long burn times … what’s not to like? I'll be monitoring this selection - and more - in the Black Friday candle sales (always a fragrant week in my calendar). But in the meantime, this offers some unique present options for those on the hunt. 

Anthropologie Christmas ornaments

3 disco ball ornaments.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

I view my Christmas tree ornaments as little fractals of my personality, decorative tokens onto which I can impart my style and passions. Thankfully, Anthro is full of funky and unique options.

Anthropologie Christmas mugs and drinkware

Glass cup shaped like a Christmas tree.

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Combing through this year’s selection of mugs and drinkware was an unexpected exercise in impulse control; my tiny New York cabinets are thanking me, but I might have to relent and purchase at least one of the three picks I’ve highlighted below. 

Anthropologie Christmas Decor

Plates themed like the "12 Days of Christmas."

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Anthro’s Christmas selection runs the festivity gamut, from full-on cheer-meister to yuletide-adjacent. And if you’re maxed out on mugs or wrung out on wreaths, a bit of understated holiday decor probably sounds appealing. 

Black Friday sales are coming, and Anthropologie already has some impressive mark downs. We're logging the best in our edit of the Anthropologie sales, which is being continually updated as new deals appear.

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Brigid Kennedy is a Style Editor at Livingetc.com, where she is responsible for obsessively combing the internet for the best and most stylish deals on home decor and more. She was previously a story editor at TheWeek.com, where she covered both U.S. politics and culture. She describes her design style as colorful and clean, and in her free time enjoys reading, watching movies, and curating impossibly niche playlists on Spotify. She lives in New York.