7 ways to tidy cables - how design experts give every room of your home a photo-finish

These practical yet pretty ways to tidy cables will ensure a clutter-free aesthetic in every room

tv on the wall of a minimalist living room
Design by Paolo Ferrari
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Fed up of unsightly wires ruining the visual effect of your design-led living space? We hear you. But adopting stylish ways to tidy cables will nip the problem in the bud and leave you with a seamless, clean-lined aesthetic.

'Living rooms and media rooms are notorious for the visual clutter of cables, cords and plug sockets,' says Felix Milns, Founder HUX.  

'If you're starting a project from scratch, the easiest way to avoid any exposed cables is to plan meticulously, deciding early on exactly what you need and where it will be placed, this will allow you to hide all wiring, be that cabling for lighting, wifi, TV and audio systems and hide sockets within built in joinery.'

He continues: 'However, if you’re inheriting a space and don’t want to re-plaster there are simple solutions, the most effective is to build bespoke joinery around your TV and audio systems, this will deliver a seamless finish and create plenty of beautiful storage too.'

Alternatively, if you want to use existing furniture pieces, you can work with a carpenter to create openings at the back and top of sideboards or dressers for wiring and cables to be hidden within your furniture.

Ruth Doherty

Ruth is an experienced homes writer and editor. She has written hundreds of articles helping readers make the best home design choices, and spends her days interviewing interiors industry experts to bring the latest ideas to her readers. For this piece she spoke to the design experts she knew would be best for information on how to hide cables with style.

Stylish ways to tidy cables for a clutter-free finish

1. Simply use velcro ties

If you're looking for a quick fix that is inexpensive and will get the job done today, then you can't go wrong with a pack of Velcro cable ties. Just use them to group cables together, stopping that unsightly jumble that always seems to pop out from living room TVs or behind soundbars or whatever other tech you have in your home.

We really like these colorful rainbow Velcro ties from Amazon, which are a neat and nifty idea. 

2. Go bespoke

ways to tidy cables, bespoke media unit by Neatsmith

(Image credit: Neatsmith)

But if you are looking for something longer term that will take the stress out of your day, bespoke built-in furniture is an excellent solution.

'Bespoke furniture means it can cater to your needs whether that’s a home office in an unused space or an efficient media unit,' says Rachal Hutchenson, Brand Retail manager at Sharps. 'Incorporate discreet USB plugs or sleek plug sockets that integrate into the desk, for multiple outlets.'

Rachal adds: 'You can also opt for a pop-up charging tower, a stylish and modern answer to an extension lead. There are several options that can be suited to your needs and space, creating a beautiful, tranquil, and organised environment to live and work in.' 

A bespoke media unit in the living room is ideal for hiding cable clusters. Philipp Nagel, Director at Neatsmith, says media units are perfect for 'the hiding away of unsightly cables that are messy and create a sense of clutter'.

ways to tidy cables, USB port, home office by Sharps

(Image credit: Sharps)

3. Feed cables through a media unit

ways to tidy cables, rattan media unit by Interior Fox

(Image credit: Interior Fox/Daniel Villarreal)

Your TV station can become a hotspot for messy cables for everything from the TV itself to your Sky box.

The answer? 'Try a built-in cabinet or low-profile media unit for a stylish alternative to a TV stand,' says Jen & Mar, Co-Founders, Interior Fox

'It provides ample amount of space to stow away items and hide away unsightly wires while creating a clutter-free living room to relax in.'

But if you have a regular sideboard you'd like to use, it's certainly possible.

Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: 'A media sideboard will often have an integrated space that enables you to feed cables through from behind, but don’t despair if you plan to perch your TV on a regular sideboard. 

'Simply remove the back panel on one side and you can feed your cables through. A quick and easy way to hide pesky wiring from sight.'

ways to tidy cables, media sideboard, Cat Dal Interiors

(Image credit: Cat Dal Interiors)

Cat Dal Interiors, who created the above media station, said of the project: 'Here, we had the cables for the television chased into the wall, and a hole cut at the back of the shelving unit below, which is where the sky box - and its cables - sits neatly hidden away.'

All of which means you can go large with a 40 inch TV and not have to leave space for the wires.

4. Get a cable organizer for your home office

Trying to keep your home office in order? A gadgets’ desk cable organizer is a smart investment. 

With charging space for multiple gadgets, a cable organizer keeps your phone and computer charging cables together in one attractive box. 

'A cable organizer will act as a home for phones and more,' says Wayfair's Nadia McCowan Hill. 'No more searching high and low for that missing charger - and no messy cables lying across your desk.'

5. Install a charging station inside a bathroom cabinet

brown bathroom cabinets and big mirror

(Image credit: Chase Daniel)

Fed up of electric toothbrush chargers ruining your beautiful powder room ideas? Consider installing a charging station inside your bathroom cupboard. Not only will this hide unsightly cables, it's also a great bathroom storage idea too.

'While this will require the input of an electrician, having an electrical point that’s hidden away is a great way to keep the clutter at bay,' says Wayfair's Nadia McCowan Hill.

6. Use a shoe rack for cable storage

A shoe rack can double up as an easy way to tidy cables.

'Can’t keep on top of the tangle of messy cords? A small shoe rack makes a great receptacle for unruly cables, which can be pigeon holed by type for fast and easy access,' says Nadia McCowan Hill. 'Roll each cable into a snail-like form, then use a cable tie to secure them in a cinch.'

7. Keep bedroom accessories hidden in hanging shelves

ways to tidy cables, dressing room by Neatsmith

(Image credit: Neatsmith)

If your luxury bedroom is starting to look more like the unloved backroom of a hair salon, it's time to tidy up those hair styling product cables. 

Wayfair's Nadia McCowan Hill says: 'Squirrel away straighteners, curlers and hair dryers and more in a hanging shelf organiser within your wardrobe. 

'Practical and affordable, these streamlined storage options are perfect for all your styling needs, and work to keep unsightly cables hidden while devices are not being used.'

Alternatively, if you're looking for an upscale solution, a bespoke or built-in vanity unit with deep drawers would make the perfect spot for keeping those cables tidy.

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