Explore an eccentric, Pop Art filled family home in Mumbai

This super cool family home in Mumbai is full of bright ideas, from the Pop Art theme and Pac Man themed games room, to multifunctional furniture pieces like the dining-table-come-bookcase in the living rooms, the desks-come-shelving-units in the teen bedrooms, and the marble basin-come-shower-seat in the master bathroom. Designed by Jannat Vasi, this home is also the perfect backdrop for showcasing some of Scarlet Splendour's unusual furniture pieces.

family home in Mumbai

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A spacious family home in Mumbai in the affluent Peddar Road suburb. Spread over 8500 square feet, the modern home has seven bedrooms and bathrooms, several walk in wardrobes, plus a generous entertaining area with a games room in the garage. The colourful interiors are the result of a collaboration between Mumbai based interior designer Jannat Vasi and furniture designer Scarlet Splendour.


The design brief was to create unique, colourful and bright spaces that reflected the personality of the young owners, as well as fitting their family needs. Jannat Vasi, alongside stylist Samir Wadekar, sought to shake up the traditional appearance of Indian luxury residential spaces with a high impact and eccentric yet coherent interior. With these design goals in mind, Jannat Vasi chose to use Scarlet Splendour’s eccentric and one-off pieces.

family home in Mumbai

In the bold living room, Jannat Vasi opted for dramatic bold walls to create instant impact from the moment you enter the house. The embossed metal of the Scarlet Splendour pieces contrasts seamlessly with the bright colours in the space.

family home in Mumbai

A large red cactus and colourful artwork on the wall contrasts against the bold blue. To the left of the TV there's a display cabinet that acts as a partition for the adjacent dining area.

family home in Mumbai


Fun bird-inspired lighting hangs above the dining table. The white table top hugs around the display cabinet, making it seem as though the cabinet has pierced straight through.

family home in Mumbai


The family room is a more informal space with a large corner sofa and playful pops of colour with the Lego ferris wheel, Da Vinci inspired collage artwork and multi coloured acrylic coffee table.

family home in Mumbai

A neutral rug harmonises with the artwork and adds comfort to this family room. The swirling design complements the linear composition of the wall storage element.

family home in Mumbai

A series of box frames create a playful storage feature on the wall.

family home in Mumbai


The master bedroom is zoned into different areas by contrasting wall surfaces. Floor to ceiling wood slats zone the sleeping area, separating it from the rest of the room.

family home in Mumbai

An alcove has been transformed into a cosy, private vanity space, with built in cupboards.

family home in Mumbai

There are loud pops of colour everywhere, yet they don't feel overbearing as the rest of the room remains neutral.

family home in Mumbai

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The Fools Gold Rhapsody table gives a glamorous focus to the room...

family home in Mumbai

... While the versatile The Playhouse cabinet perfectly integrates with the design and magnificently shapes the space.

family home in Mumbai

The walk in wardrobe is a celebration of colour and geometry. The Scarlet Splendour bone inlay coat hanger brings grandeur and different textures to the room.

family home in Mumbai


A sculptural stool continues the sophisticated and timeless tone of the bathroom.

family home in Mumbai

The green marble basin continues through the glass shower partition to become the seating in the shower.

family home in Mumbai


The Memphis design movement inspired the son’s bedroom, featuring visually bold patterns and stripes.

family home in Mumbai

Black handleless wardrobes offer chic storage. The gloss black paint is mirrored in the built-in shelving and desk feature opposite.

family home in Mumbai

Pop Art style figurines make for a fun display, and leave the shelves uncluttered.

For Jannat Vasi, the Scarlet Splendour Sheik Cabinet (pictured under the window) flawlessly slots into the theme of the room, with its unusual shape and geometric inlays. It gives a sense of maturity to the otherwise playful room.


The stool in the bathroom adds a touch of sophistication to the youthful car inspired shelving unit.


The ultra soft sheepskin Coronum chair and the muted tones of the Raindrops rug, paired with the cloud like lighting, establishes a beautifully calm atmosphere in the nursery. The round lines of the chair and the Coronum coffee table make this room child friendly, yet sophisticated.


A magician inspired pendant light is a fun feature in the nursery's ensuite bathrooms.

family home in Mumbai


Graphic lines, bold colours and Pop Art continue to feature in the rest of the childrens' bedrooms. In this teen bedroom, a neon 'follow your dreams' sign glows against a graphic backdrop, while Star Wars themed pendant lights are a playful, cool touch.

The open shelving features Lego shaped storage boxes to keep clutter out of sight.


A graffiti-style ceiling creates a very cool effect in the bathroom. A floating vanity keep the space feeling clean and minimal, while the tap inside the basin is another rather cool style detail. The Pop Art artwork suits the space perfectly, the bright colours offering a necessary contrast against the grey tile choice.


There are grown up rooms too. In this guest bedroom, a 3D headboard makes a striking display, as do the unusual chandeliers on either side of the bed.

In another guest room, a colourful graphic design wraps around the whole room, setting the colour palette. The chevron pattern is repeated in the choice of bedding.

Furniture is sculptural, shapely and unusual, and make a stand-out feature.

The room comes with a cool TV area too.

Elsewhere, zig zag gloss panels create a striking backdrop to this 3D layered headboard.


But the coolest space of all is the garage, which comes with its own games room. The ultimate man cave.

Jannat Vasi has cleverly combined playful colours with the stripped back, functional textures of the environment. Scarlet Splendour’s Ciuco cabinet is the showstopper of the room; the gold adds a hint of luxury to the pop space.

Funky pipes were added on the ceiling in a video game formation, and painted in bright colours. The video game theme is continued on the walls, where wall shelving was created to mimic the Pac Man video game.

A large 'Game Over' sign on the wall lights up.

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