A four- storey terrace townhouse in east London. The house comprises a kitchen- diner/living area andWC on the ground floor. The first floor includesa master suite with a bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. Aboveare two more bedrooms and a bathroom. The basement floor is a self-contained apartment.


Nothing is left to chance in this home and every detail works beautifully. The textures and lighting add drama and luxury, but also make the house a relaxed and welcoming space. From floors to the lighting system, the plugs, paint colours, the design on the doors, everything has been specifically chosen. Then there are certain recurring themes and textures – animal skin, marble, glass, mirrors.Anything that doesn't meet these exacting standards is then custom-made, right down to the drawer for Nespresso coffee capsules.

The Louis XV fireplace in the living area (pictured above) was custom-made, along with others in the house. The Thirties stag chandeliers are from Belgium.

A Loxone remote control system means that every detail – lights, music, even opening the front door – can be remotely operated by mobile.


Order and symmetry. That’s the overwhelming first impression of this stunning townhouse in edgy east London. Outside may be hip, urban and gritty, but step past the grey front door and inside is a cool, luxurious space with an air of utter calm and tranquillity – where it’s immediately apparent that nothing within these 3,000 square feet has been casually thrown together. When it comes to symmetry, everything in this home comes in pairs. And then there’s the attention to detail.

Even in the hall, there aremultiple chandeliers rather than just one. The painting is by a Brazilian friend.


The kitchen is at one end of the living area, with French doors that open on to a paved garden.

Matilda the zebra was bought from a taxidermist in Islington.


The reclaimed driftwood flooring, featured throughout the house,runs up the wall on the landing, leading guests toward the upper floors.


Premium bathroom fittings combined with personal elements create a bathing zone that's both cosy and luxe.


The ceiling cornicing was remoulded, based on what was originally downstairs.


The shower area leads to the walk-in wardrobe. Throughout the house there are photographs by Lillian Bassman. This one is called It’s a Cinch.


Everything in the wardrobe is rigidly colour coordinated. The interior was custom made and there’s a place for everything – even sunglasses.


There’s more of a French influence here – on the top floor – than the rest of the house

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Photography / Paul Raeside