A renovated Forties house comprising three levels in a suburb of Stockholm. On the lower ground floor, there is an open-plan living area, plus a guest wing with two bedrooms and a spa bathroom.On the ground floor, there is a kitchen and dining area, office and garage. On the first floor, there is a master bedroom with a walk-in dressing area and en suite,two smaller bedrooms and the family bathroom.


The Crittall doors used here (pictured top) mean that the adjoininggarage – housing custom motor bikes – is cleverly transformed into an innovative viewing gallery.


It's the view from this house that was the real selling point; as far as the eye can see, the Mälaren, Sweden’s third largest lake, sits on the horizon, shimmering in the milky summer sunshine and looking radiant enough to induce feelings of soporific, aren’t-I-lucky-to-be-here calm.In the winter, people ice skate on it and have ice hockey games with the neighbours. Then in the summer, it's full of swimmers and paddle boarders.

The location was perfect, but the house itself needed complete gutting and redecorating from scratch. A blank canvas for modern, warehouse-style interiors.

There is a definite industrial feel to the overall look, with exposed RSJs, Crittall screens, steel staircases, metal light fittings and varying shades of smoky greys and black.

It’s the little things that make a difference. The unit (pictured above) acts asa showcase for art and collectibles, while plush furnishings provide an excuse to relax and kick back.

Graphic and stylish, the shelving system makes a statement with its panel of black marble.

In a quiet corner, beautiful design still takes priority.Striking artwork sits alongside a distinctive oversizedlamp and chic contemporary chair with elegant curves.


The open plan dining area is the ideal place for dinner parties and entertaining.


In the kitchen, a monochrome palette is teamed with sleek metal detailsto give this space a cool, industrial-style edge, while the wood flooring and chairs add a more organic, earthy feel.

This king-size island has a generous amount of storageand makes a striking centrepiece, providing a great spot for family and friends to gather.


An assortment of angular light fittings sits alongside softer elements seen in the bedlinen and padded headboard.A blend of textures that offset each other effortlessly.


This luxurious space offers a peaceful retreat and has a lovely view of the lake – a good place to unwind after a long day at work.


Who wouldn’t want to be a guest at this house when you have a wash room this gorgeous?

The warm woods, graphic tiles and sleek fittings are beautifully combined.

A calm, relaxing chill-out zone that’s just perfect forthat post-bathing experience. Join the queue…

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Photography / Paul Massey