Gorgeous Grey Living Rooms

Perennially chic, let grey pave the way...

Grey living rooms aren’t just for the chilly winter months. Grey paint has the ability warm a scheme in the colder seasons as well as cool a space in the summer – with the lighter shades keeping a room looking bright and fresh. A light, muted palette will open up a space, while darker tones bring intimacy to larger rooms.

Each shade of grey is capable of creating a completely different look. From Dimity to Down Pipe, grey is one of the most versatile colours on the spectrum; it can channel edgy Rock ‘n’ Roll vibes or a calming rustic feel. It’s no wonder grey living room ideas are among the most popular images on Instagram.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to change the mood by changing a few accessories – cushions in burnt orange or a sunny yellow will add instant warmth when the temperature drops, while pale blue and fresh green accessories will feel lighter and brighter when the mercury rises again.

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Read on for living rooms that prove grey can simultaneously feel warm, light and airy, with gorgeous grey painted walls offering a beautiful backdrop for modern furniture, art and books. If you want to keep your living room looking fresh, paint the skirting and ceilings white, and stick to a minimal Scandinavian inspired scheme, with pale blond wood flooring, clean lines and lashings of white to complement the grey walls.

Fancy a room with more drama? Paint the woodwork in the same grey as the walls, or go an even darker shade on the skirting to ground the scheme and create a cosy, cocooning effect. If that’s not dramatic enough for you, browse our post on how to decorate with black, or find inspiration in our smoky and sophisticated Scandi Noir story.

Why stick to just the living room? Soothing grey works well in a sleep zone too.

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