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Given up the booze, the Quality Street, the rib-eye steaks or your favourite Danish blue for Dry January or Veganuary? Want to stay warm, be mindful or just clear the credit card? Whatever your good intentions for the New Year; it’s a good time to spend the still dark and cold evenings delving into the juicy novel you didn’t get to finish on holiday or the latest inspiring read unwrapped over Christmas.

Even better is a dedicated space in your home given over to a large bookcase or a home library where you can display and indulge in those weighty tomes, literary classics or best-sellers in calm and peaceful surroundings.

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Whether you have the space for an entire room, intend to use a section of one, or create a library-come-cinema or music room, built-in bookcases make great use of alcove space either side of a chimney breast, while modular shelving is versatile and can be taken with you each time you move, or swapped from room to room when you fancy freshening things up.

Rooms with high ceilings look particularly fabulous with floor-to-ceiling shelving systems lined with colourful book spines and interesting titles – like the one below beautifully complemented with a vintage ladder, so the top shelves can easily be reached. It was the long ladder, that in fact, inspired the space.

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If a whole wall of books is a tad over-whelming (so many waiting for you to get through!), staggering the shelves at different heights and widths will allow you to break up the space with vases, plants and quirky objet d’art to let your personality shine through – and will create easy sections for different categories.

Choosing a paint colour for built-in shelves that’s the same as the walls will create a calm, cohesive look that’s easy on the eye. Include the ceiling too for a cosy, cocooning effect. Take inspiration from the soothing shades and bold hues in the examples that lie ahead.

Enjoy – it’s time to be well read, rather than well fed.

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