IT’S A WRAP: 7 OF THE BEST cosy blankets

Want to hunker down in high style? Not a problem with these wonderful winter warmers.

Staying stylishly warm is a cinch with these chic throws.

When the weather’s cold outside, it’s easy enough to turn the heating up a few degrees, but there’s a simple joy to be had when snuggling on the sofa under a cosy soft-against-the-skin blanket.

Even better when they look as good as those in our edit.

The blankets that follow vary in texture from super-luxe alpaca and Merino wool to soft cotton velvet and machine washable fabrics. There are bold hues, elegant patterns and on-trend prints that will bring a boost of colour and character to a room.

Drape one over your sofa, place over a chair or fold across the foot of your bed for effortless elegance and a luxurious layer of comfort and warmth to hand.

After all, when the temperature dips, a beautiful blanket is a great way to stay cosy and keep your style standards on point.


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