There's a Viral Piece of Decor That is Making Christmas Trees So Much More Magical - and It's Only $40

Turns out, a Christmas train that circles the base of your tree walked so this fabulous option could run - the flying train is going viral and is only $40

A festive train travels around the trunk of a christmas tree
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No one knows exactly when trains began popping up around the base of Christmas trees, but it's been at least a century, considering how important and prevalent railroad travel was at the time. In the early 1900s, you couldn't travel long distances without a rail ticket, and packages arrived via railway rather than Amazon Prime. It stands to reason, then, that trains at Christmas were eventually associated with incoming presents, and toy manufacturers, eager to make a buck off the emerging trend, began releasing ever-updated miniature versions for families to collect and display.

From a decoration perspective, nearly every train set-up you've ever seen likely circles the stand of the tree, guarding the gifts waiting to be opened. But what if I told you the internet has fallen for a new Christmas decorating trend, and found a locomotive set that appears to levitate off the floor, adding a kinetic and festive touch to your regular ol' Tanenbaum? And from one of the best home decor stores, it's less than $40.

The ultimate realistic Christmas tree train


♬ The Polar Express - Main Theme - Geek Music

Rub your eyes — it's not magic! Believe it or not, this TikTok-beloved buy "hovers" around your tree by securing itself to the trunk. A working headlight makes things all the more realistic while sound effects add yet another playful edge. No longer relegated to the bottom of your festive display, this best-selling $40 buy will instantly delight eager kids and inquisitive guests, curious how you could have possibly channeled so much Christmas spirit into your home. What a festive illusion! 

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