It's Official: These Are the 10 Biggest Christmas Decorating Trends of 2024 - How Many Do You Have?

This year's Christmas decor trends sees a return to understated, simpler looks, say our design experts

a modern living room decorated for christmas
(Image credit: Vanessa Lentine. Design: Pure Salt Interiors)

While some people hang onto their treasured ornaments year after year, others love to change it up every time when it comes to decorating for Christmas. I'm in the latter camp, and I love to re-imagine my scheme every December based on what my interiors mood is that year.

Because we only pull out our trees once a year, it's quite easy to spot a Christmas trend - there's no slow shift like there is with our everyday interiors. And this year, I've spotted some very clear Christmas decorating ideas that are informing how we decorate for 2024.

I asked expert decorators to give us the low-down on these trends, and how they're interpreting them in their own designs.

1. Bows, everywhere 

bows on a christmas staircase

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway)

Bows are the big Christmas decorating trend for this year, and I'm so glad they are. They're such an inexpensive way to add impact, and they look luxe.

The trendiest type of bows for 2024? Ones with big, elongated tails that drape beautifully, as used in this Christmas stair decor in interior designer Lindye Galloway's home.

'Since designing this staircase in our home, I couldn’t wait to decorate it with festive holiday garlands,' Lindye tells me. 'By leaving the ends of the bows long, we created an elegant statement in the entryway of our home and a flowing effect gracefully trailing down the railings.' It really does make this garland so much more impactful.

2. Decorated doorways 

a doorway decorated with christmas foliage

(Image credit: Studio McGee / McGee & Co)

This year, more than ever, we're seeing decorated doorways and openings in homes. And, I put it down to one thing only. This viral tension rod hack that's been all over social media.

Stringing up a garland around a door would generally mean causing damage to woodwork with nails, or using a lot of Command Hook-style fixings which can be a little fiddly. This trick sees people able to decorate large openings by placing a garland around a tension rod. It's taken off so much, that some stores reportedly sold out of tension rods - though of course there are still loads you can buy on Amazon right now.

3. Magnolia leaves 

a modern fireplace with magnolia garland

(Image credit: Vanessa Lentine. Design: Pure Salt Interiors)

There always tends to be a "foliage" trend surrounding Christmas decor - and in previous years it's focused around the likes of olive branches and eucalyptus. So what about for 2024?

According to Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln, co-founders of design studio Pure Salt Interiors, it might just be the magnolia leaf. I've spotted some beautiful magnolia leaf decor, including in Livingetc's best Christmas garland round up, with its rounder leaves offering a nice contrast to fir branches. This living room scheme by Pure Salt is what convinced me on it though!

4. Back to traditions 

a living room decorated for christmas

(Image credit: Josh Young Design House)

If there's an overarching trend for 2024, it's a return to a more traditional style. In previous years, we've seen increasingly creative Christmas decor as people try to make their homes stand out, but this year, more classic color schemes and traditional ornaments are the vibe. Artist and designer Josh Young, founder of Josh Young Design House, proves just that with his own living room decor.

'You can never tire of the classics,' Josh tells me. 'It's timeless for a reason and in many ways, it's uncomplicated. So much of my designs and homes are rooted in this for that specific reason. I personally love using traditional red, gold, and silver year after year when decorating. For me, it's nostalgic and really brings a sense of warmth to our home during the holiday season.'

You can follow Josh on Instagram at @jyoungdesignhouse.

5. Trees in pots 

Where people are continuing to be a little more creative is in how they display their Christmas trees. The basic tree skirt isn't getting as much love as it once was, and I'm seeing everything from boxes to baskets used to make trees, both real and artificial, feel a little more in tune with interior decor.

For my own Christmas trees in my work studio, I planted some small, real trees into these patinaed pots. It's a take on the earthy, rustic Minimaluxe interior design trend that we've seen so much of this year.

6. Minimalist garlands 

a fireplace with a simple garland

(Image credit: Studio McGee / McGee & Co)

The movement in Christmas decor this year is almost an anti-trend. Where flash-in-the-pan Christmas styles like neon, pasteI and more haven't really had sticking power, we're reverting to the tried and tested, while taking a more minimalist approach.

'I really try to avoid trends at all costs,' Josh Young agrees, 'but one thing I've noticed is this return to allowing natural, organic decorations to take centerstage.'

Where last year we saw huge, ornate Christmas fireplace decor with various flowers, foliage and ornaments, this time around we're keeping it simple. 'A simple garland on the fireplace mantel or a centerpiece with evergreens and berries - understanded but impactful,' Josh says. 'Less about the tchotchkes and decorative accents, and more about the beautiful winter greenery becoming the focal point.'

7. Whimsical foliage 

a living room decorated for christmas

(Image credit: Patti Roberts Design)

To make these simpler garlands and wreaths feel a little more magical, there's a trend that designers like Patti Roberts are embracing, as in this stylishly festive living room.

'The trend the last two years has been more of a whimsical organic feel,' Patti tells me. 'Garlands take on a mind of their own and twist and arch upward as if a vine was growing on the side of a building. I’m not able to do that as we have a very large tv above our fireplace. However, I did embrace the “vine-look” by adding some faux fern and vine like greenery to my pine garland.'

8. Holiday vignettes

sideboard with a christmas vignette

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway)

For smaller spaces, like Christmas entryways, or to dress up furniture tops, expert decorators are turning to stylish yet fun holiday vignettes.

'I really love the idea of decorating our existing furniture with some festive decorative pieces,' designer Lindye Galloway tells me. 'One of my favorite items from the Holiday Collection are these little house ornaments. They bring that holiday magic to the space and feel both charming and stylish. This little community sits perfectly on our Ava Console Table or Emma Coffee Table.'

9. Hanging foliage on lighting 

a dining room decorated for christmas

(Image credit: Studio McGee / McGee & Co)

This trend isn't brand new, but it continues to be a favorite for anyone trying to upgrade their Christmas dining room decor by simply attaching some festive foliage to your pendant lighting.

Schemes like this one by Shea McGee show how it's done best - by keeping it simple.

10. Tinsel trees

a tree decorated with tinsel

(Image credit: Thomas Trust @rustandtrust)

Talking of keeping it simple, the 'one decoration' tree has become a bit of a thing. That means decorating a tree with only one kind of ornament, for a more minimalist Christmas decor scheme.

The best example? The tinsel tree. This little bit retro, little bit modern way of decorating a tree feels so different to loading your Christmas tree with ornaments.

'I think this trend this year is a bit of a nostalgia crave, something that feels comforting and familiar but in a new way,' says digital creator and Christmas decor enthusiast Thomas Rust of @rustandtrust. 'It's effortless, affordable, and makes a big impact visually so it's accessible for any skill level of decorating and price point,' he adds.

These 10 trends all tell me something about where we're at with Christmas decor right now - small wins, minimalism, low-effort maximum-impact decor is what's on the cards. And long may it continue, I say.

Luke Arthur Wells
Freelancer writer

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