9 things people who have amazing-smelling homes buy – that aren't scented candles

To keep your space smelling fresh, these home fragrance alternatives will work harder for longer compared to standard options

Dried flowers in a living room
(Image credit: Mauricio Fuertes. Design Susanna Cots Interior Design)

Before your decor even comes into question, the smell of your home is the first thing guests notice about a space. The problem is, maintaining a fragrant room is far from easy, especially where kids and pets are concerned. 

To keep your space smelling fresh, you'll want some options that go beyond the likes of scented candles or air fresheners. While they're our typical go-to, we soon become 'nose-blind' to their fragrance when over-used. They also tend to mask odors rather than neutralize them, meaning they're only a temporary fix.

There's also the worrying fact that air fresheners and scented candles can affect the air quality in our homes. Parrafin-based candles emit toxic pollutants like toluene and benzene, while aerosol air fresheners regularly contain formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. If you're looking for safer ways to add a delicious aroma to your home with a longer-lasting effect, here are nine of the best home fragrances you'll want to know about, most of which are guaranteed to add a hint of luxury to your space. 

Lilith Hudson
News Editor

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