This clever 'candle warmer' lamp is going viral – and they say it will make your scented candles last 3 times as long

Love a scented candle but hate how quickly they burn? This is the best purchase you'll ever make

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If you ask me, there's nothing better than curling up under your covers on a cold day with a good book and lighting a deliciously scented candle. Whether you're inclined to a sophisticated oud-y smell or a more sweetly scented vanilla and cinnamon, we can all agree there's nothing sadder than your favorite candle, and its aroma, reaching its final flicker. 

The thing is, not only do candles burn that beautifully fragrant wax, but they're burning a hole in your pocket, too. Well, if you also love a scented candle but hate how quickly they burn, you'll be pleased to learn that Amazon has a solution. To keep your best candles burning for longer and to save you some pennies along the way, this gadget is a must-have for your Amazon wishlist. 

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So, what is it, and how does it work? We're talking about candle warmer lamps, clever heated lights that work by heating up the wax in the candle and diffusing the scent throughout your home - no flame required. Genius, or what?

Essentially, these table lamps contain a heat bulb which, when directed over your candle, will gradually heat the wax. The candle then sits on the base of the lamp, where the light from the bulb will also give it a warm glow akin to a flame.

The idea is that they heat up your candle's wax more slowly than burning the wick would, helping to keep your candle scenting your home for longer. Of course, there's the added benefit that they're far safer, too. If you're a renter with a contract that doesn't allow for burning candles or just a nervous (and forgetful) candle owner like me, these warming lamps are a total lifesaver. Oh - and there's no risk of potentially hazardous soot particles to worry about in your home, either!


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Not only do these lamps let you enjoy the benefits of a delicious fragrance, but they also offer a great alternative to the warm glow of a candle. True, they're not the gentle flicker of a flame, but these lamps do have the advantage of being an entirely new piece of decor to introduce to your home, and they don't sacrifice on style, either. From elegant, minimalist candle warmers like this one from Amazon to more decorative, floral lamps like this one or this sleek design from Vesta, there's one to suit every space.

Worried you won't find one to fit your statement candle jar? Fear not - many options come with a height adjustment so you can fit different-shaped candles below it, as well as temperature settings to control the strength of the scent released from your candle. Some lamps, like this one from Amazon, even come with timer settings so you can drift off to sleep with your candle lamp on, peacefully aware that it will turn itself off after a set duration.

Ready to up your candle game with an elevated addition to your decor? A candle warmer lamp is by far the best way to keep your favorite scent boosters lasting longer while scenting your home more safely. 

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