Meet the 'Shower Lamp' — A Viral New Trend That Makes Your Bathroom So Much Cozier

Hate turning on the big light when you shower? No problem. This chic and affordable solution will turn your experience from abrasive to vibey in one simple step

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Never in my life have I seen so much shower discourse online, but it seems we're all after a primo, spa-like bathroom experience these days. We want to feel relaxed and pampered in our own digs, without spending hundreds to go to the spa. The collective consciousness is all about bringing luxury home rather than spending an arm and a leg to go out and get it.

Relatedly, you've probably seen all the TikTok chatter about the 'everything shower,' which plays right into this school of thought. The trend, which involves a steps-long (but never laborious) self-care routine both in and out of the shower, is now more of a bonafide cultural movement than a flimsy social media practice, and I've found myself using the phrase in casual conversation more times than once. Like most TikTok-spawned vernacular, the term is really no more than a new name for an otherwise long-running common practice .... but that it's been named at all is a testament to its spot in the zeitgeist.

And now, off the back of the everything shower craze, TikTok and social media users have rallied around a new piece of decor — the so-called 'shower lamp,' a portable, miniature table lamp that sits on your shampoo shelf and casts a cozy glow while you scrub and rinse. It's not a lamp made specifically for the shower (it's meant to withstand the elements outside), but that doesn't mean it won't look great next to your loofa. Could this be one of the best table lamps to buy right now?

From what I've seen, the craze began in large part thanks to two viral videos from TikToker McKenna Barry, who has a shower lamp set up in her bathroom. In both clips, McKenna raves about the lamp and what it adds to her relaxation experience ('Tt makes for the coziest showers. 10/10 recommend.').


♬ girls like me don't cry (sped up) - thuy

♬ Pretty (Sped Up) - MEYY

To accompany her cute shower lamp, McKenna has purchased a renter-friendly corner shelf with 'super strong adhesive,' and a waterproof speaker to blast her favorite tunes. The attention to detail is A+ — I can't imagine feeling stressed if I got to shower here. 'This is such a vibe after a long day,' wrote one commenter. 'This is the literal embodiment of we DO NOT use the big light,' wrote another. And not too long after I saw these videos? My friend told me she was getting a shower lamp for her bathtub at home.

So what are you waiting for? This is such an affordable, easy, and quick way to uplevel your self-care routine and a moody, ambient touch to your everything shower. Need another nudge? Over 500 of these were purchased in the last month, according to Amazon.

The viral shower lamp set-up

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