Khloé Kardashian's Pantry May be the Best Organized We've Seen — We Got the Experts to Break Down Its Secrets

Khloé Kardashian's pantry is a masterclass in kitchen organization. From those perfectly stacked Oreos to color-coded cereals, experts spill the celebrity secrets to an ultra-tidy space

Khloe Kardashian's pantry
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Khloé Kardashian's pantry lives in my mind rent-free. Her organizational skills hooked me right from the start of Keeping Up With the Kardashians — specifically, at those flawlessly stacked Oreos.

Basking in her grand kitchen storage ideas for cereals, spices, cookies, and snacks — all meticulously labeled and color-coded, of course — figuring out how to recreate the look can feel overwhelming. Even though the Good American founder has a natural talent for organization, she did enlist some expert help. So, I decided to consult a few experts myself to achieve this level of pantry perfection.

‘The key to organizing a pantry like Khloé’s is uniformity,’ says professional organizer Robyn Reynolds at Organize2Harmonize. ‘Using the same containers in the pantry gives it a very sleek, streamlined look,’ she adds. ‘Snacks, baking essentials, canned goods, breakfast items — give everything a home. This is also the perfect opportunity to purge expired items and donate those you simply won't use,’ explains professional home organizer Meaghan Kessman. ‘These categories will then inform what size and sort of storage products you’ll need, and how much space they’ll require,’ notes professional home organizer Laura Price.

Khloé Kardashian's Pantry

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‘Aesthetics matter!’ Meaghan continues. ‘Khloé's pantry is a rainbow of coordinating colors,’ so, tedious as it may be, arrange items by the color of their packaging. Regardless of which pantry organization ideas you end up selecting, the professional organizer urges us to remember an important detail: labels. ‘Labeling isn't just for Instagram,’ she continues. Not only is this a defining quality of Khloé’s pantry, but ‘It's the key to maintaining order and ensuring everyone in your household knows where things belong.’

With that, let’s get into the good stuff. Below are all the chic organizers needed to create a Kardashian-caliber pantry for yourself, along with helpful expert tips along the way. If Khloé can do it, so can we — perhaps we'll have time for an Oreo break in between.

Get the Look: Khloé Kardashian's Pantry

How should I get started?

Step one to creating a photo-ready pantry? According to experts like professional organizer Lauren Saltman, it’s decluttering. ‘To achieve this highly organized pantry look, you first need to start by emptying out your pantry,’ she explains. ‘Now is the time to do a thorough cleaning, and possibly update your shelves and counters with new materials.’

‘It’s also a great time to update the flooring and repaint the walls or add wallpaper behind your shelves.’ Though, if you lack the time or budget, even a really good clean will make your pantry feel like a million bucks.

 How can I maintain an organized pantry? 

According to professional organizer Heather Aiello at The Organized You, ‘The key to maintaining a pantry like Khloé’s is to set aside time every few weeks to tidy up your pantry, discard expired items, and reorganize as needed.’ ‘A good time to do this is when you are unloading your groceries,’ she explains. ‘You can take a few extra minutes to make sure things are staying organized.’

Each time you return from the market, professional organizer Robyn Reynolds recommends immediately putting away all items in their designated spots. Similarly, after removing items for cooking or snacking, ‘make sure to return them in the same place where you got them, it’s ‘home,’’ she adds.

Heather Aiello admits that keeping up (no pun intended) with this sort of spotless, streamlined look will take a little additional work. So, to help even out the labor, she suggests involving everyone in the household to do their part. After all, they're using the pantry, too! ‘Ensure that everyone knows the system and encourage them to keep the pantry organized by putting in their designated spot,’ she advises.

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