The latest launches for party perfection


What sets fine dining apart from the average weeknight dinner? A helping of bling, we say, which makes Julian Chichester’s Tiffany table, with its bands of brass roundels, a certified corker. And that's not to mention the body in quarter-sawn bleached oak


Seductive dining is all about ambience, so get the lighting right and the rest will follow. The Planeta floor lamp triumphs not just for its burnished-steel frame but for thesoft light cast by its glass orbs.


Hip hosting at high-street prices is the MO at Host, your online shop for an Instagram-worthy #tablescape. Its collaboration with Ottoline serves up these delicious cloud and wiggle-print plates.

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If you’re yet to hit up cult London eateries Gloria and Circolo Popolare, Big Mamma, the group behind the buzz, are bringing their twist on Italian cooking straight to your kitchen with a cookbook. Expect recipes for Burrata Flower Power and Double Choco Love alongside Tiramisu and Risotto alla Milanese classics.


Start the Christmas period smug in the knowledge that your glassware notches up some serious style points.

Curve appeal

Have a discerning party-pro on your gift list this year? Look no further than L’Objet - its focus on playful shapes and luxe touches, including 24k gold plating, make its statement serveware a must for the cool culinary crowd.

Sounds good

No sweat if you don’t possess the DJ skills necessary to confidently spin vinyl on La Boite Concept’s turntable; Bluetooth compatibility means you can streammusic via laptop, phoneand tablet, all with enhanced high-fidelity, immersiveand distortion-free audio.


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