I've fallen for Target's $50 sage green Crock Pot - the answer to all our holiday hosting fears

The on-trend sage green Crock Pot slow cooker takes the bulky design we're all used to and turns it into a minimalist piece of kitchen decor

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In the world of kitchen appliances, a Crock Pot slow cooker isn't normally that expensive; you can usually find a rather large one for less than $100. Though it's often not a design statement you're keen to keep out on the counter top. 

But all that may have changed now that I've uncovered this sage green, 6-quart Crock Pot that's selling at Target for just $50. Like the best coffee makers, it has been given an aesthetic makeover and become a hero piece you're happy to show off. There are so many colors that go with sage green, and it now fits seamlessly into almost every kitchen color scheme. It's a surprisingly modern design (and great price point) for an appliance known for gray, black, and white finishes.

Slow cookers are an essential bit of kit to get you through the holidays - helping to cut down on the stress around cooking big meals. But on top of that, did they just become a bit sexy?

The trendiest Crock Pot

Sage green Crock Pot

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From a design perspective, this Crock Pot is streamlined and minimalist, especially with its matte finish. This would be one appliance I truly wouldn't mind leaving on my counter at all times as somewhat of a functional piece of decor. 

At six quarts, it also makes enough food to feed seven or more people (think of Thanksgiving), is microwave and dishwasher-safe, and offers four pre-programmed settings from which you can select the perfect time and temperature. You might be able to find similarly-sized Crock Pots for the same price or slightly less, but this one specific model has the best design for the price by far. A must-have for an elevated kitchen, and for all of those soups and stews you'll be cooking this winter. 

Buy the sage green 6 qt Crock Pot now at Target.

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