This is the One Landscaping Trick Gardeners Want you to Know for Extra Privacy in Your Backyard

For an added layer of privacy above your fence or hedge, try this landscaping trick used by gardeners

A garden with a brick path, box hedges, and four pleached trees
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You might find that enhancing the privacy of your home can be difficult without a complete reconstruction, but landscaping can go a long way in adding an extra veil to your property's perimeter. Trees might just be the cost-efficient gardening solution you need to screen your backyard from prying eyes, and there's a special way of pruning them that gardeners often rely on to add more height to your borders.

They're called pleached trees, and landscape architects love using them as a decorative way to add an extra layer of privacy to outdoor spaces. Think of them as the new privacy plant that will convert your backyard into a lush private sanctuary, and the best part about this green trend is it offers a touch of visual opulence to backyards that perfectly compliments the style of a modern garden. We spoke to the experts to find out their thoughts on pleached trees for privacy purposes and just how well this gardening trick truly works.

What are Pleached Trees?

A garden wall with a row of pleached trees

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Generally speaking, a pleached tree has a tall stem leading up to a crown of intertwined branches that create a dense screen of leaves. Similar to espalier trees, their branches are often plaited to the branches of neighboring trees to create a uniform structure surrounding a property. Picture a row of elevated hedges lining the perimeter of a home - that's essentially how pleached trees are made to look, but at the top of a trunk. There are plenty of privacy trees that you can make use of but the linked branches of pleached trees offer an advantage that some of the other plants may not provide.

Zahid Adnan, founder of The Plant Bible, tells us that pleached trees offer not only a practical solution for enhancing privacy but also bring an element of beauty and sophistication to outdoor spaces. 'Their structured form and ability to create a natural barrier make them a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to define their outdoor areas while maintaining an aesthetic appeal,' he says.

Pleached trees are a strategic landscaping idea that allows you to fill in your backyard while simultaneously protecting your home from potential uninvited onlookers. Landscape designer, Katherine Aul Cervoni tells us that pleached trees, especially of the European hornbeams or Arborvitae variety, are some of her favorite options for creating privacy and screening in a garden. 'They add a unique silhouette and architecture to the garden that can suit both contemporary and traditional garden styles,' says Katherine.

How should I use pleached trees for privacy?

A garden with a green lawn, flowers in a border, and pleached trees around the perimeter

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If you are considering adding pleached trees to your backyard, Zahid informs us that it's essential to consider factors such as the species of trees, their growth habits, and maintenance requirements to ensure the desired outcome. 'From a practical standpoint, pleached trees can effectively screen off unwanted views, noise, and wind, creating a secluded sanctuary within the confines of one's garden,' he says. 'Additionally, they can add vertical interest and depth to the landscape, transforming an ordinary space into a visually stunning retreat.'

From a design-focused standpoint, Katherine suggests pairing a pleached hedge with wooden fencing as a way of extending screening above the typical six foot height of a fence. 'They also look beautiful lining a pathway or the length of a square or rectangular lawn,' she says.

This gardening trend is perfect for urban homeowners looking to feel at home in their outdoor space. We think that pleached trees are a more advanced and comparatively permanent version of the recently viral raised planter screens that have been used for added privacy so, if you're interested in giving your garden a new look while adding an extra veil, pleached trees might be just what you're looking for.

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