Chic & Stylish Ideas For Small Gardens

Big ideas for small outdoor spaces.

A small garden doesn’t need to cramp your design flair; in some ways it can really focus your mind.

Smaller gardens, patios and roof terraces can be wonderfully low-maintenance, with no lawns to mow or trees, shrubs and hedges to prune. Small gardens are also great spaces to get more creative, as even the smallest additions, from pretty floor tiles to stylish accessories, will have a dramatic effect.

No space for a pond? Fill an oversized pot or urn with water and water lillies instead. There are also plenty of compact water features around, try Cox & Cox for a selection.

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Dividing up a patio or terrace into different heights, for example with decking, will actually make the space feel larger and zone different areas. Creating built-in planters or tiered levels will also double up as seating, eliminating the need for bulky furniture. Just add some pretty banquette style cushions et voila.

Or, for something more flexible than borders, go for potted plants and greenery which can easily be moved around and interchanged if plants die. Not much space for plants? Think vertically. If budget is no issue, invest in creating a striking living wall, or for rental spaces or something more budget-friendly, arrange potted herbs and plants on high shelves instead, freeing up floor space.

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As well as colour, try to introduce lots of texture to make the space feel inviting: cushions, throws, sheepskins and a statement rug will all up the feel factor. Mirrors can help to make a space appear larger. You can then add a little ambience with festoon lights, lanterns and hurricane lamps.

Even the tiniest plot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat.

Here are Livingetc’s small garden ideas to make the most of a tiny outdoor space…

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