Stanley Tucci's Chic Kitchen Cabinet Color is a Lesson in How to Give Slate Grey a Contemporary Update

The actor-turned-foodie icon has a beautiful kitchen full of plenty of design-inspiration

Stanley Tucci
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Stanley Tucci has become somewhat of a cultural icon within the foodie community. His short Instagram reels have become compulsory watching for anyone interested in the culinary delights of Italy, so it's no surprise that he also has a beautifully designed kitchen as his backdrop.

Naturally, we trust Stanley's judgment when it comes to style. Besides being immaculately dressed he has a keen eye for a modern kitchen, and in a recent video, you could see his in all its glory. Unsurprisingly it's full of design inspiration for 2024, including a sleek countersplash and chic under-cabinet lighting, but it was his contemporary take on the once ubiquitous slate-grey kitchen cabinetry that really caught our eye. Designers agree that these are features to look out for if you're planning a renovation in the new year - here's why. 

A new take on slate grey cabinetry

Kitchen color ideas are always on our radar, and the deep, mattified green-grey tone shown on Stanley's cabinets gives a modern take to the slate grey of the bygone decade. Paired with the sleek brass hardware, it gives an ultra-modern look despite the classic shaker style of the cabinets themselves. 

'Leave it to Stanley Tucci to always be on trend,' says interior designer Nicole Cullum from Color Caravan. 'Bold kitchen cabinet colors are going to be a dominant design feature in 2024, and he has expertly paired a cool, deep green-toned gray with crisp white walls for a balanced, but contrasting look that feels ultra contemporary and luxurious.' 

The shade is something we're obsessed with. If you've had enough of sage green kitchens, this new color trend is far more chic and sophisticated, and feels effortlessly expensive. The hue is moody, and sultry and has a depth that makes it more compelling than sage and, while bold colors are set to be a big kitchen trend next year, this shade exudes a timeless elegance that will take you well beyond the end of 2024. 

Under cabinet lighting illuminates the countertops

The luxurious look is emphasized by the soft backlighting he has under his open kitchen shelving. 'When it comes to lighting, backlighting is the best because it serves not only to highlight architectural and design details but also to create an inviting ambiance,' says Bree Steele, interior designer, and stylist at RJ Living. 'It enhances the luxury of the space by providing a soft, ambient glow, accentuating the depth and richness of the kitchen's color palette.' The strategic placement of the lights highlights all the right places.

A simple yet sleek countersplash finishes the look

A teal colored kitchen countertop

(Image credit: Joshua McHugh. Design: McKay)

One trend we've seen emerging across stylish kitchens is the countersplash. Like Stanley, Tom Brady's kitchen and Chrissy Teigen's kitchen also display this unique trend. 'The counter-splash's appeal lies in its dual functionality as both a practical and aesthetic element in the kitchen,' says Ronke Ugbaja from luxury kitchen company GROHE. 'It provides an opportunity to introduce unique and eye-catching design elements into the kitchen, and a well-chosen counter splash can serve as a focal point, adding personality and style to the space.' It also has many practical advantages that make it the ideal feature for avid chefs.

Stanley Tucci kitchen is a lesson in how to match style with function. His commitment to creating a space that stands up to his passion for cooking whilst still looking on trend is laudable. From colors to materials, everything has been precisely considered, and it's given us much food for thought for our own kitchen plans in 2024.

Try these shades to match Stanley's kitchen cabinet color

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