Chrissy Teigen & John Legend’s kitchen "countersplashes" are the making of a more minimalist, elevated space

The famous couple's continuous marble countertop idea is set to be a huge trend for the year ahead, say designers

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend at the Grammy's
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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are somewhat celebrity design royalty, famed for their impeccable taste and gorgeous homes. We love scouring their individual Instagram grids for design inspiration, and some recent posts offered us a glimpse of their unique kitchen countertop-come-backsplash idea, and we couldn't wait to show the world. 

Their spacious open-plan kitchen is unified by a marble countersplash style that ties the whole room together. This modern kitchen idea looks oh-so-luxe but is also super practical, and we'd expect nothing less from Chrissy who is an avid cook besides being a model and TV host. The space blends together seamlessly in a style that designers are dubbing the next big thing for kitchens. Here's why we believe a continuous countersplash should be on your kitchen wishlist. 

Backsplashes are old news when it comes to kitchen trends. The feature was once praised for its contemporary look and ability to add personality to a kitchen but has since become a widely used design element. While we still love the look of a bold marble or stainless steel backsplash, there's a new trend that seeks to elevate it to the next level. This design idea is known as a countersplash, and the super-sleek look is making a comeback. 

A countersplash is used to describe when a material used for your counter continues up the wall to form your backsplash too. In the case of this beautiful kitchen, they have used calacatta macchia vecchia marble across the kitchen, wrapping it up the walls, along the shelves, and across the kitchen countertops for a seamless look. The beautiful stone also features on their large island, too. 

The countersplash is not just loved by celebrities, however. Designers are big fans of the kitchen idea too. 'The countersplash's appeal lies in its dual functionality as both a practical and aesthetic element in the kitchen,' says Ronke Ugbaja from leading Kitchen brand GROHE. 'A well-chosen counter-splash can serve as a focal point, adding personality and style to the space. It provides an opportunity to introduce unique and eye-catching design elements into the kitchen.'

A kitchen with terrazzo backsplash against wooden panelling

(Image credit: Mariko Reed. Design: Blaine Architects + Marshall Interiors)

It's also an incredibly versatile design idea. As our homes increasingly become an expression of our individual style, we're also keeping an eye out for kitchen trends that we can adapt to fit our lives and design preferences. 'The counter-splash can be a versatile design feature, allowing homeowners to experiment with different materials, patterns, and colors to suit their taste and the overall aesthetic of the kitchen,' says Ronke.

But it isn't just about looks. There's a very utilitarian reason for protecting walls from spills and splashes too. Chrissy is known for being a great chef, and with four children we can imagine their house sees a fair share of mess. A countersplash is a functional addition to your kitchen that makes cleaning up a breeze. Once installed, it's a low-maintenance design idea you won't regret. 

When designing an open-plan kitchen it's important to create a sense of harmony throughout so it doesn't feel like a room of two halves. Designing the whole room from a limited material and color palette is a clever way to do this. In the case of Chrissy and John's space, we see the repeated use of the marble throughout in the coffee table, a vase, and even similar tones in the carpet, helping to tie the whole space together. Similarly, the teak wood cupboards are mirrored in the huge butcher's block style chopping board and seating area seen in John's Instagram post. 

'This approach creates a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, promoting a sense of unity and continuity throughout the home,' explains Ronke. 'Consistent color schemes contribute to a visually appealing environment, making spaces feel interconnected.'

Countersplashes are set to be a big design trend in 2024, so pin this kitchen to your renovation mood board or consider how you can introduce the principles into your kitchen without the need to rip anything out. In the long term, we'll certainly be adding a countersplash to our kitchen wishlist. 

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