Tom Brady's kitchen confirms it - this backsplash trend is going to make waves in 2024

The footballer's backsplash seriously caught our eye, and designers say it's set to be a huge trend this coming year

Tom Brady
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While we might go to Tom Brady for football coaching, we typically don't turn to the quarterback for interior inspiration too. When the ex-NFL player recently shared a glimpse into his kitchen via Instagram, however, it showcased a chic feature we believe will be one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2024.

In a post intended to promote his apparel label, Brady Brand, it was his stainless steel backsplash that really caught our eye. This sleek, industrial material has been making a statement in modern kitchens over the last year and we expect it will make some serious waves as we head into 2024, too. 

This material has been gaining popularity outside of the professional kitchen sphere not only for its contemporary look but also for its incredible practicality as a durable material. Not only is it loved by celebrities such as Brady (and even the Beckhams), but designers love it too. Here's why.

tom brady in a kitchen

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As a kitchen material, stainless steel certainly isn't a new kid on the block. It's been utilized as a reliable material for decades but fell out of favor in recent years for its slightly industrial-looking appearance. Now, though, it's making a comeback in fresh and exciting ways, and popping up within some of the most luxurious spaces (including David Beckham's kitchen). 

Inside Tom's kitchen, stainless steel is used for an ultra-sleek kitchen backsplash idea where it isn't only extra durable and easy to clean but adds some metallic shine that contrasts with his organic-style wooden cabinetry. 'Stainless steel backsplashes offer a sleek and modern aesthetic that effortlessly elevates any kitchen,' says interior designer Kerrie Kelly. 'Their reflective surface adds depth and brightness, complementing various design styles from contemporary to industrial.'

The stainless steel backsplash brings both elegance and robust functionality to the kitchen. Beyond their visual appeal, they offer great durability which is an essential quality to look for in kitchen materials. A fully stainless steel kitchen can feel a bit clinical and industrial, however, designers have been using the material in more limited ways to create a more refined look. A backsplash is the perfect way to incorporate steel into your kitchen in a more subtle way. Like Tom, pair it with warm wood paneling and natural textures to contrast the cool tones and high shine of the steel. 

Paul Kropp, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, agrees that stainless steel can be visually interesting, but is best used in moderation. 'It can feel cold and utilitarian, so it's important to layer some warmer touches to strike the right balance,' he says. 'At Bakes & Kropp, we like to embrace an aesthetic we’ve coined as "Soft Modern". In this type of kitchen, we’ve layered metallics with oak cabinetry for added warmth and texture.'

As Tom's kitchen demonstrates, this 'soft modern' trend is proving popular amongst celebrities, hinting that a stainless steel kitchen trend (used as an accent in a more pared-back organic kitchen) is bound to find its way into the rest of our homes very soon. 

stainless steel backsplash

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What other evidence is there that stainless steel is set to be a big kitchen trend for 2024, I hear you ask? 'A stainless steel kitchen exudes a chic and contemporary vibe, offering durability and a timeless appeal,' adds Kerrie. 'It's a fantastic option for those seeking a sleek, low-maintenance, and versatile space, seamlessly blending into various design aesthetics while ensuring a durable and hygienic environment.'

'The advantages also include easy maintenance and durability,' Kerrie adds, 'yet they can show fingerprints and scratches more prominently than other materials, requiring consistent upkeep to retain their polished appearance'. Due to this we probably wouldn't recommend it as a countertop surface, but for a backsplash, it's still a winner. 

Take a cue from Tom and get ahead of the trend with this unique kitchen feature. We're certain you can instantly elevate your kitchen setup with a splash of contemporary metallic texture. 

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