IKEA's Newest "Retro Furniture" Collection Includes a Statement Striped Armchair People are Going to Love

The Swedish homeware brand blends vintage designs and modern craftsmanship in this sunny collection

Red and green metal armchairs, wood-framed mirrors and sunflower print set against the inside of a blue home
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When you think of IKEA, a certain aesthetic may come to mind. While there is a certain charm to be found in their typically minimalist flat-packs, their latest collection is invitingly bold and bright. The brand's new line of homeware is inspired by the timeless beauty of floral motifs and the spirit of optimism that IKEA aims to embody, and we're certain it'll be a sell-out.

The previous iterations of the retro Nytillverkad line - made to mark the celebration of 80 years of IKEA designs - were met with high praise from interior designers and home decor enthusiasts alike, so it's no surprise that their new range is already sparking excitement among loyal shoppers. Due to hit stores in April 2024, this collection is the perfect catalog for seasonal redecoration in time for spring.

Soft textiles in vivid colors and warm prints will be the main bulk of the display as the brand pays an ode to interior design trends from the 60s and 70s but, for us, the striking silhouettes of the retro-style accent chairs are the real star of the show. Here's everything you need to know about IKEA's 4th Nytillverkad drop.


Sunflower print bed sheets and pillows in an orange room

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA homeware is generally known for its sleek functionality however, that hasn't stopped them from putting aesthetics first in this new collection. By infusing the spirit of creativity, self-expression, and positivity into their latest designs, this range has all the makings of a bohemian renaissance.

Youthful floral patterns designed by Göta Trägårdh have been reintroduced in the form of the KRANSMALVA pillow and duvet cover set, giving us major flower power vibes. Originally published in an IKEA catalog from the 70s, the pre-cut SANDETERNELL fabric also fashions the playful flower art. This set is perfect if you're looking to inject a kids' bedroom (or your own) with a colorful dash of whimsy.

Keeping on trend with the botanical theme, IKEA has also created the PRIMÄRSKOG plant stand. Doubling as a side table, this piece of furniture can easily fit into any living area and is a great way to display your indoor garden. When it's not being used to show off your plants, you can detach the removable tray and use it to prune your flowers.

There are plenty of larger furniture items, too, all of which offer a hit of dopamine decor to brighten your spirits this season. The iconic POP table has undergone a facelift and is now available as the GARNANÄS coffee table in green and white color schemes, while a series of retro accent chairs, available in a burst of bright colorways, are the perfect way to ring summer into your space.

If you haven't yet noticed, the common thread throughout this launch is the striking color palette, which is unlike the brand's usual capsule ways. Celebrating 80 years of being a household name for home furnishings, the company appears to be pushing past its artistic blueprint and paving the way for more contemporary, colorful designs - all inspired by the past.


Green metal tube chair with an orange sunflower pillow in a blue room

(Image credit: IKEA)

While the stripped-down wooden SJÄLSÖ chairs cater to the more stereotypical Scandi style we all know and love, it's the ÖNNESTAD armchairs that made it to the top of our IKEA wishlist.

'We wanted to make a chair that was colorful, soft, and comfortable,' says Charlotte Rude, one of the designers behind the ÖNNESTAD armchair. Clearly, IKEA understood the assignment and has manufactured a rather funky piece of living room furniture that's sure to inject some joyful character into even the starkest of surroundings.

The retro tube design complimented by the pop of green and red makes this one of our favorite pieces to come out of this launch. Pairing the armchair with matching striped cushions perfectly ties the aesthetic together and is an easy way to decorate with color.

'In a world of pared-back palettes and the enduring beige craze, this collection breathes new life into our spaces,' says Livingetc's News Editor, Lilith Hudson. 'Even if you're not a fan of vintage-inspired interiors, these new products all have a timeless quality to them which means they'll blend into contemporary spaces, too. If you want to ring in spring with a bright and cheery new accent chair, these new products are just the tonic.'

Peace, love, and fabulous furniture - that's how we'd describe this collection, and in our fast-paced modern world, that's about all we'll ever need from our homes.


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