13 pink bedroom ideas that prove these rosy hues can create a stylish grown-up space

Let these chic pink bedroom ideas inspire you to go for a bold fuchsia makeover, or a subtle blush pink update...

Pink bedroom with grey headboard
(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Pink bedroom ideas may have long been associated with nurseries and your dream bedroom with you were around ten, but since the cult color Millennial Pink rose in popularity, these rosy tones have become as coveted in grown-up bedrooms as in children's. And it's such a versatile color that has so many different shades, it's easy to find one to suit any style – from vivid Fuschia pinks to barely-there blush tones – you can make your bedroom as dramatic or as subtle as you like.

'Corals and pink peach tones are perfect for making a design statement. They create a rich, warm welcoming feeling with undertones of red, orange and pink. It works beautifully as an accent to a grey scheme or as a statement wall color. says Helen Shaw, Director of Benjamin Moore.

'And natural plaster tones or light terracotta shades create a wonderful earthy natural feel in a room. They look particularly eye-catching in well-lit spaces and when paired with natural materials or painted wood. Light hues with pink undertones create a subtle, neutral shade which can be used from ceiling to floor or combined with crisp whites to create a smart Scandi style bedroom scheme.'

Plus, pink pairs so well with other shades. The most popular combination right now being pink and grey for a very chic, sophisticated bedroom, but for a bolder, more Wes Anderson-approved look trying pairing it with sage greens or muted blues or just more shades of pink! No matter what look you are going for, we have plenty of rosy-hued bedroom ideas to get you inspired...

1. Pair plaster pinks with a bold red

Pink grey and red bedroom with headboard

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Pink and red are an unexpected but very on-trend combination, that's gained traction in the fashion world and is now seeping into interiors. Analog colors (ones that sit closely to one another on the color wheel) always work well together and create a harmonious bedroom color scheme but you can choose how bold you want to go with the contrast.

We love the soft pink plaster walls in this pink bedroom paired with the pop of vivid orange-red of the cushions and the deep reds in the headboard. It gives the subtle color palette a lift, making it feel more contemporary.

2. Tone down bubblegum pink with earthy tones

Pink bedroom with four poster bed and modern shivel chair

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Admittedly some pink can risk being too... young and not that there's anything wrong with wanting a bold pink bedroom but you can easily give a more mature vibe by pairing pinks with earthier tones. 

In the bedroom, the walls and iconic egg chair add a fun and quirky vibe to the room but the deeper rust tones of the carpet and throw tone down the bold pink, making it feel more grown-up and chic. The dark woods help too, creating a cool contrast against the pink. 

3. Use pink as a neutral backdrop

pale pink bedroom with pale green headboard, green side cabinet and texture bed side light

(Image credit: Future)

In its palest forms, pink can almost act as a neutral, just adding a touch of color and warmth to a bedroom. So don't be afraid to add plenty of color to a pale pink bedroom. Blues, greens, oranges and deeper pinks all come together to create an eclectic but elegant color palette that's made softer by the backdrop of the pale muted plaster pink walls. The white accents of the lamp, bedding, and curtains add a freshness to the room, a crisp contrast against all the color that makes the scheme feel more cohesive.  

4. Give a traditional pink room a modern twist

Pink bedroom with shimmering wall hanging

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Despite their relatively recent rise in popularity, pink is quite a traditional color that works really well in period properties and with vintage furniture. Although see how in this room, the traditional feel of the room with the wrought iron bed, floral comforter and vintage nightstand is given a modern twist with the bold sequin curtain. It's unexpected, yet it works and the reds, greens and blues really pop against the pink backdrop.  

5. Make pink more mature with black accents

pale pink bedroom with black four poster bed

(Image credit: James Merrell)

An easy way to make a pink bedroom more grown-up? Pair it with black to balance out the sweetness. And it doesn't take much of this inky shade either, just a rug or a few throw pillows, or a simple sleek four-poster bed as seen in this pink bedroom idea. 

6. Layer up pink shades

Pink bedroom with fireplace and walk in closet

(Image credit: James Merrell)

You can't go wrong with pink on pink on pink. And it might sound a bit eccentric, but a monochrome pink bedroom scheme can create a very chic space that feels cozy and inviting. 

Try pairing pink walls with a different shade of pink on the woodwork to create a very subtle contrast, then you can take it further if you like, hanging pink drapes and a pink rug. Just be sure to add in some white too to give all the pink a lift and always look for pinks that have the same undertones so they sit well together. 

7. Opt for a pretty pink wallpaper

Pink bedroom ideas aren't all about paint, wallpaper is a lovely way to add pattern and depth to a space. And wallpaper isn't just for walls, instead add just a pop of pink by wallpapering your furniture (wardrobes and chest of drawers work best) as can be seen in this master bedroom. The wallpaper is Gucci's gorgeous Heron print.

8. Give pink a rustic touch

Pink bedroom with wooden headboard

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Loving the DIY wooden headboard in this rustic bedroom. It's made from old scaffolding as is the frame and looks lovely against the warm pink walls, giving this boho industrial space a softer, more feminine look. Be inspired by this space and combine a pink bedroom color scheme with lots of natural textures and tactile fabrics for a more relaxed, laid back look.  

9. Accessorize with baby pink

Traditional pink bedroom with velvet upholstered headboard

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki)

Soft baby pink lends itself so well to tactile fabric like velvet, so rather than paint your walls pink, keep them neutrals and bring in those rosy tints with an elegant velvet pink headboard. They are on everyone's lust list so there are plenty of styles to choose from, from traditional button-back designs like this one, to contemporary fluted shapes. Bring extra pops of pink into the rest of the room using throws, cushions, and lighting. 

10. Style a boho bedroom with deep pinks 

Pink bedroom with wooden beams and boho style

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

Darker, moodier pinks are ideal for grounding a neutral color palette. Paired with whites and greys, these earthier shades add a soft glow and ground all those pale hues. As this pink bedroom shows, a really easy way to add in some pink to your current scheme is to throw down a large area rug and switch out a few pillows and for the stylish boho edge bring in some rattan pieces and textured bed linen. 

11. Embrace the trend for pink and green

Colorful bedroom in Edwardian beachside retreat in Kent

(Image credit: Future/ Mark C. O'Flaherty)

Pink and green must never be seen right? Wrong! Pink and green are the color combination right now. And as this green bedroom proves, it's not as intense as it sounds. Sage green and blush pink in fact create a very serene space that feels calming and inviting. Note how in this bedroom the green doesn't just stop at the walls, it's taken up onto the ceiling which really adds to the cocooning feel of this small bedroom

12. Combine dusky pinks with deeper shades 

Dark coral bedroom with paint effects created using masking tape

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Give a pink bedroom a dark twist by bringing in deep plums shades and rich blues. The perfect color scheme for bedrooms that don't get lots of natural light, rather than try and fight the darkness, lean into with a moody color palette. In this modern bedroom, the crisp white bedding is all that's needed to add a lift and all the textures soften the striking lines of the color block wall.

13. Be bold with Barbie pink

Pink bedroom with grey headboard

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Despite most point bedroom ideas being all about muted, dusky pinks vibrant pinks are are exciting and uplifting and unexpected and can be just as chic if done right.  Pinch this pink bedroom idea and balance a super bold pink (this is Nancy's Blushes by Farrow & Ball) and just stop short of the ceiling. If you have a dado rail, go up to that, then keep the rest of the wall and the ceiling a simple white. 

What colors go with pink in a bedroom?

When it comes to colors that go with pink, the combinations really are endless. There are so many shades you are always going to find one that works in a pairing, but the most on-trend duos right now are green and pink and navy blue and pink. Both of which sit opposite pink on the color wheel so will also create a good contrast. 

However, if you are after something more subtle for a bedroom, grey and pink always works. It's a sophisticated look that's never going to date and you can adapt to suit any style. Try a soft grey with blush pinks for a calming and subtle vibe or go bold with a dark charcoal to make a light pink pop. 

How do you make a pink bedroom look more mature?

The easiest way to make a pink bedroom more mature is to bring in some darker hues like black and dark grey to balance out the sweetness of the pink tones. Also just picking the right pink will help, avoid baby pink in larger quantities and instead either go for subtle pinks or go really bold with a vivid shade. 

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