This Shade of Green Is Being Called The Color of 2024 — And It's So Wonderful to Live With

According to home retail giant Lowe's, 'English Green' is set to define 2024. Below, we cover everything you need to know about this hyper-livable shade, including how to pair it and how to style it.

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Just before the end of 2023, a prominent technology reporter for The Washington Post coined a new term for the deluge of year-end nostalgia content that was, at the time, clouding our timelines and feeds: the "recap industrial-complex," a nod to the now-ubiquitous year-in-review round-ups compiled by many major retail/service brands and even the Washington, D.C. metro.

This phenomenon extends to the best home decor brands, as well, although it's inherently more forward-looking than retroactive (as all good trendsetting is). Rather than focusing on the year in review, the thought leaders of the interiors world like to forecast hype months down the line. For example, you might have heard of one color of the year already: Pantone's balmy "Peach Fuzz," a warm and radiant orangey pink some believe to be a derivative of last summer's Barbie craze.

But as it turns out, there's another It Hue in town this year, and it's, in many ways, the antithesis to Peach Fuzz. Stainmaster, the anti-microbial, anti-bacterial paint line from home giant Lowe's, has deemed a soothing, nurturing, and extremely livable shade of green its own (and very first) color of 2024 and shared with us the scoop on how to style it. Introducing: English Green.

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English Green, pictured on the accent wall above, is the perfect shade for everyday living, said Monica Reese, director of private brands style at Lowe's. 'It's really calming,' she told Livingetc, 'a very livable color that brings that outdoor in.' Plus, it's incredibly easy to style with a variety of different tones and hues. 'The thing I love about [English Green] from a style perspective is I can pair [...] warm colors like terracottas and golden tones with it, or I can go in a completely different direction and put it with cool tones like blues and greys,' she went on. 'It's still fantastic with either one.'

The name of the color is meant to evoke the calming and natural color value of English ivy, typically spotted wrapped around trees or climbing up house sides. As the Stainmaster team was conducting its initial research, there were 'all these different hues — emerald greens and mossy greens — that had been trending for a while,' Monica said. The group then landed on English Green because of its dusty undertone, which lends itself to a perfectly rich shade that isn't too bright, too fresh, or too strong.

We here at Livingetc were already expecting to see lots of green in kitchen trends this year, but this new designation confirms that hunch. Although, English Green would work in a variety of spaces — including personal libraries or offices. It's also a great color for a bedroom, seeing as it's so calming, or you can add it to a 'small space like a powder room' for a 'splash of drama,' Monica suggested. 

Moreover, as a color trend, English Green is also quite versatile. If you're looking to make a room darker and more moody, you can lean into that by pairing the green with golden tones and deeper hues of terracotta. If you'd prefer the opposite effect, however, 'pair it with lighter terracotta tones' or 'light blue or light violet colors that make it feel very springy and refreshing,' Monica said. 'It's deep enough that it's versatile and works across color palettes without being too heavy overall.'

Monica would love to see English Green used to color-drench, one of the trends from last year that she hopes crosses over to 2024, but suggests tying it in via kitchen backsplashes, accent pillows, or curtains and drapery if you're not ready to commit to a new paint project. The color itself is just 'incredibly livable,' she said, and the green 'is the perfect color for refresh and renewal. I just think it's a magical choice for our first Stainmaster color of the year.'

We were quite taken by this inviting green, as well, so we've taken the liberty of compiling our own official English Green shopping edit, all of the picks for which are inspired by the organic and natural tone of Stainmaster's color of the year. Happy scrolling!

Livingetc's Official English Green edit

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