Forget "Overstyled" Beds — The Big Bedding Trends to Embrace Instead in 2024 Have One Thing in Common

If your bedding is starting to look a little bit tired, these are the on-trend styles designers recommend replacing it with

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You never really want anything in your bedroom to be described as looking tired — whether that's you or the things in it. And while the secret to a good night’s sleep is something still evading me, a fresh-looking bed is much easier to achieve.

Okay, confession time: I own at least six different sets of bedding. Before you roll your eyes, I used to work for one of the best bedding brands, so was required to stay up to date with all the latest bedding trends. But aside from that, I get much of the same pleasure out of dressing my bed as I do myself. If my bed looks good and put together, I feel good and put together.

Just like the fashion cycle works, bedding trends come and go. One day we’re seeking out the fluffiest bedding we can find, the next we’re channeling sleek and low-fuss bedcovers. So if your bedding is looking like it could do with a refresh, I've asked those in the know for the biggest bedding trends they're backing for 2024 — and turns out, a simpler styling is taking over the bedroom for this year.

What bedding is in style in 2024?

Trends — we all know they're cyclical. In fact, one of the breakout bedding trends for 2024 that everyone I spoke to mentioned is a style that's been around for decades. What I'm saying is that you don't necessarily need to throw everything out and start again (in fact, you definitely shouldn't). Sometimes it's as simple as swapping out a throw pillow or trying a different tuck. But let's get into it. Here's are the bedding trends designers are embracing right now.


A bed with light linen sheets

(Image credit: Madeline Harper. Design: Emily Lauren Interiors)

'I've noticed a real penchant for the heavyweight bedcover of late,' says Anna Delprat, interior stylist and creative lead at Cultiver. And she's not alone. Everyone I spoke to mentioned this oversized and elegant style. This minimalist bed style trend is all about less-is-more, where forging throw pillows is all part of the look and everything gets tucked in.

'I think it's the beauty in simplicity that makes it so covetable,' Anna continues. 'I drape it so it entirely covers the bed in that nonchalant European tuck style — it creates such a cohesive, refined look. And quickly!'

Interior designer Marina Hanisch, founder of Connecticut-based studio Marina Hanisch Interiors agrees. 'The bed feels enveloped by the fabric, exuding a sense of comfort,' she elaborates.

And while admittedly a lot of these heavyweight bedcovers can be quite costly (Cultiver's retail from $380), the centuries-old style isn't going anywhere, making it a worthwhile investment. In fact, Anna says it's even a year-round piece. 'In winter, I fold it down, so it acts as an oversized throw at the end of a plush, layered bed, and in summer, simply sleep with one over a linen flat sheet.'

To get the look for less, you could try styling a sized-up flat sheet or duvet cover sans insert or a lighter blanket in the same enveloping tuck.


minimalist bed with stripe throw and lumbar pillow

(Image credit: Cultiver)

While last year saw a rise in popularity for round throw pillows, and bolsters have definitely been in fashion, lately it's all about the lumbar pillow. Typically more square than the cylindrical bolster, but still varying in lengths, lumbar pillows looks great when styled as a single standout centerpiece on the bed, and definitely lean into the minimalist look of 2024.

'I am gravitating towards using fewer throw pillows on the bed,' says interior designer Marina Hanisch, who is embracing the minimalist bedroom trend. 'This approach creates a more minimalistic and contemporary look.'


Bright bedroom with pink bed linen, fireplace, and wall art

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair. Design: Tala Fustok)

While mixing pattern and playful clashing colors was on the rise post-pandemic, a more minimalist and muted approach will always be timeless. 'Monotone palettes are perfect for bedding design,' says interior designer Marina Hanisch of color trends in 2024.

Bed Threads' founder Genevieve Rosen Biller agrees, adding 'One of the biggest bedding trends for 2024 continues to be warn neutral shades that invite a calm and luxurious feel to the bedroom.'

That's not to say we're completely forgoing color though. 'On the opposite end of the spectrum, romanticism and the “coquette aesthetic” which has filtered down from fashion means there's been an increase in popularity for more feminine shades of purple and pink bedding,' Genevieve adds. Perhaps trends around period dramas such as Bridgerton could be at play here?


color drenched blue bedroom with matching bedding, green artwork and fluffy ottoman

(Image credit: Rett Peek. Design: Meet West)

We've seen the design trend coined 'color drenching' make its way through the rest of our home, so it should come as no surprise that it's also being embraced in the bedroom in 2024. In fact, it's one of the best spaces in your home to do it. In terms of bedding trends, it's all about matching your sheets to the overall scheme, creating a harmonious palette in the space.

In the bedroom above, interior designer Whitney Romanoff, founder of Arkansas-based studio Meet West, matched the walls and ceiling to blue bedding in a similar moody hue. 'The effect of color drenching in a bedroom can be more restful and cozy,' she explains. 'It makes the space feel like a warm hug.'


serene bedroom with black headhead and natural linen colored sheets

(Image credit:  Lindsay Brown. Design: Marina Hanisch Interiors)

When it comes to the best bedding materials and fabrics we're favoring in 2024, Bed Threads' founder Genevieve Rosen Biller says 'Sustainability is never out of style. Consumers are increasingly looking for bedding options that are gentle on the environment and made from natural fibers, like our OEKO-TEX certified French Flax Linen.'

Interior designer Marina Hanisch agrees, adding: 'We're continuing to see a gravitation toward organic materials and textures, such as linen, bamboo and percale, which also have cooling properties.'

Not only are these sorts of fabrics softer on us and the environment, but they help to build a material palette that connects to our natural surroundings, and fosters a sense of calm.

So if one thing is for certain, it's that the key bedding trend for 2024 is minimalism. It's the year to start un-stuffing and un-styling your bed. Don't overthink it.

Go back to monotone neutrals with your color choices and focus instead on bringing texture and personality into the space with your fabrics — something like a French flax linen can introduce plenty of dimension and layers to a bed.

And if in doubt, cover it all in a coverlet or bedcover. If anything, perhaps 2024 is the best year to commit to making your bed every morning?

Emma Breislin
Interiors Editor

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