Explore an Edwardian semi in London with a definite rock 'n' roll vibe

This Edwardian semi in London looks ordinary from the exterior, but the interior – part boho with a side order of rock ’n’ roll – is much more inventive.

Edwardian semi in London


An Edwardian semi in London. On the ground floor of this modern home are two living rooms, a kitchen-diner and study. The children's bedrooms and two bathrooms are on the first floor, with the master bedroom, bathroom and games room on the second floor.

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The ivy, eucalyptus and pine garland (pictured top) is fake, but looks amazing. At Christmas, the baubles can just be weaved in and changed up depending on the theme.


There are certain themes in this Edwardian house: the greenery, the palms, round or convex mirrors in virtually every room, faux birds, dark colours, an eclectic mix, a touch of Morocco here and there. And dream catchers.

The moody colours make the house cosy, cocooningand just a little bit sexy.

Edwardian semi in London

Many of the decorative elements in this space are in fact permanent features, that then get further jazzed up in the winter. At Christmas, the cherub statue gets a crown and some fairy lights.

Edwardian semi in London


There are hits of glam in every room. Glitter, sequins and metallic flashes add a frisson of rock ’n’ roll sauciness to what could have been a traditional family home.

There is a subtle sparkle in every room, including decorations that stay up all year round.

Edwardian semi in London

The sequined cushions, large star and fairy lights are here all year, giving the room flashes of light.

Fake birds? Baubles? Fairy lights all year round? But of course!

Edwardian semi in London


The kitchen has a more industrial look. The brick wall at the back was painted inthe same colour as the sliding patio doors to create a uniform look.

Edwardian semi in London

The kitchen cabinetry is über-functional – because not every space has to be sultry. Sometimes you need to be practical too.

Cabinetry and fittings were made by the home owners, transforming a standard kitchen into something that looks bespoke.

Edwardian semi in London


The dining table was found on eBay, and despite not being very big is still able to fit 12 or 14 around it for dinner parties.

On the wall behind is a vintage train-reversing mirror, bought from an antiques dealer when covered in rust.

Edwardian semi in London

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The lush greenery (a mix of real and faux)all add a sense of Seventies exotic.

Edwardian semi in London


Choosing a look for this room was a team effort between mother and son.

Edwardian semi in London


The bedside table was found in India. Originally, it was a different colour so the manufacturer was asked to make the same table again in black.

Edwardian semi in London

The darkness of the room only helps highlight the view outside.

Edwardian semi in London

Photography ⁄ Alexander James

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