This Eclectic Home is Artfully Curated with Gorgeous Accents That Feel Comfy yet Convivial

With glamorous art-deco furniture and masterfully decorated focal points, this lovely modern abode is a chic sanctuary of design

A bright living room complimented by colorful modern furniture and framed wall art
(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

There's nothing quite like walking into a home full of artistic adornments that effortlessly catch attention at first glance. That's exactly what you're greeted with in this characterful space, where all the joyful elements of design seemingly blend into this jewel box of a home. From the carefully collected framed art draped across most walls to the vibrant plush furniture that's thoughtfully styled, this is the kind of home that will capture you all at once and slowly thereafter as you catch the chic intentional details across every bend of the space.

When Whitney Romanoff, principal designer at Meet West Studio, first came across this home she found heaps of hidden potential within the outdated Georgian layout. Catering to her clients - a newlywed couple who bought their first home with the aim of creating a space that would draw guests in while also retaining a comfortable sanctuary feel - she transformed the home into a lavish haven. As you make your way, it's likely that you'll share the same sentiment we did - complete wonder at how each piece of this modern home fits snugly together.

Living Room

A colorful living room decked up with framed art and contemporary furniture

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

The living room tends to be the focal point of any home and takes on a special importance when it comes to homeowners who enjoy entertaining. Interior designer Whitney Romanoff tells us that this room is a collection of concepts loved by the clients, from the chocolate velvet to the honed marble that takes life in playful forms.

'Part of the client's brief to us was she wanted to incorporate furniture with organic shapes in an unexpected layout,' she says. 'We wanted this space to have a boutique hotel lobby vibe that would draw people in - a spot that could be comfortable for both cozy lounging near the fire and a post-dinner drink with a good record on.'

Whitney describes the couple's taste as eclectic and adventurous in terms of design, art, and color. She explains that they were inspired by the feel of private social clubs and wanted to create a space that had the magnetic pull of the best hotel lobbies. 'It's meant to be a space to linger over a cocktail and conversation with friends before or after an evening out,' says Whitney. And from the looks of it, she did just that.

A bright living room with colorful furniture and a marble fireplace

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

Drawn in by the stunning fireplace, Whitney tells us that her aim was to create a focal point with the custom Arabescato marble fireplace while surrounding it with layers of classic pieces featuring unique shapes that are often unexpected in a more traditional home. The cozy fireplace truly takes on the heart of the room and is the perfect centerpiece of the space.

She goes on to tell us that the first furniture selection was the powder blue mohair vintage swivel chair as a cornerstone of the color palette for the space. 'We layered and built around the chair with the chocolate velvet Kagan-style sofa, oak nesting tables, and the iconic Etcetera chair in peach-tone upholstery,' she says. 'The result is that all of these pieces together feel like a gathering of old friends who now lead different lives but always have fun when they get together.'


A modern kitchen with colorful accents

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

Modern kitchens are a tricky space to tackle with some homes prioritizing style over function while others could do with an elegant facelift to subdue the generic vibe of the space. However, with this home, the kitchen is the perfect example of the conscious balance needed to keep the space alive and on par with the rest of the home.

The bright airiness is essential to a cooking space but it's evident that they didn't skimp on style. While the backdrop of the kitchen takes on a more minimalistic finish, the kitchen island in its bold hue along with the gorgeous island chairs bring in an air of modernity that ties the space together.

Dining Room

A bright dining room with wired hanging light fixtures and colorful glassware

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

Another space that is key to a good entertainment home is the dining room. Generally known to be the space where people gather at soirees, this dining room is sophisticated and laid back while retaining its modern edge.

Curious to know more about the elegant dining table, Whitney tells us that she fell in love with Maison Madeleine's walnut table and found that it matched perfectly with the existing hardwood floors. 'The table's scalloped edge detail and burl legs added a whimsical, playful element to the room that continued but didn't distract from the eclecticism of the adjacent lounge space,' she says.

A modern dining room with bright walls and colorful glassware

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

We are strong believers in the concept of art infusing a room with heaps of character and Whitney happens to share the same sentiment. As one of her decorative elements in the home, she tells us that the dining room art, titled 'Mexico #1' by Robert Petersen was sourced from South Loop Loft in Chicago.

'It speaks to the trust these clients had in us to bring something new and unexpected to the table for them and their willingness to go for it,' she explains. 'The simplicity and statement of this piece are iconic and it plays perfectly with the whimsical light fixture over the table.' The home features whispers of dopamine decor in the art, the furniture, and plenty of minor accents that lend to the joyful nature of the space.


A colorful bedroom with contemporary furniture and wall art

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

The creative essence of the home does not stop at its hosting spaces, it follows into this gorgeous bedroom and encompasses the space in an opulent glow. Whitney tells us that the vibe of the space is certainly a departure from the typical soft neutral bedroom but is perfectly suited to the homeowners.

'We fell in love with the client's pre-selected moody blue grasscloth wallpaper and leaned into creating a moody midnight vibe for the primary bedroom which could be an enveloping escape from the rest of the house, which has predominantly warm white walls,' says Whitney.

She points out that the trim and the ceiling were matched to the grasscloth walls and that they added vintage velvet drapery with sheers to add an element of drama. 'We collected an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary art that adds subtle electricity against the dark background but still contributes to the dream-like feel,' she adds.

Powder Room

A chic powder room with colorful wallpaper and gold accents

(Image credit: Rett Peek Design: Meet West Studio)

While powder rooms are often neglected while designers pay special attention to the larger expanses within a home, Whitney took to designing the space with the same care and effort as witnessed throughout the home. Following the trend of bold wallpaper in powder rooms, Whitney informs us that they partnered with Porter Teleo to create a custom colorway of their Petales handpainted wallpaper pattern.

'The colors remind us of the tones of sunset, and we love the pairing of the deep oxblood and magenta tones of the abstract poppies against the dreamy peach and blue tones of the field,' she says. With the other rooms dressed to the nines, we aren't surprised that even the powder room looks luxuriously expensive thanks to the vintage 1960s Italian fluted oak and brass commode and sleek gold accents fitted throughout the space.

This contemporary home is laced with chic artistic elements that are a testament to the fact that intentional decor can truly transform a space into a museum of color and style. When looking through the snapshots capturing the beauty of the home, we can't help but feel like each space is perfectly put together needing no more and no less. It's evident that the clients' personality weaves through the house effortlessly and we can't help but envy the invitees of the many future get-togethers that are sure to grace this gorgeous modern home.

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