White walls, but never bland! This Italian apartment's colorful designer touches create an uplifting home

Studio Venturoni has transformed this Italian apartment, using vibrant color pops to bring character and charm to the space

A colorful kitchen
(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

Pops of color, retro furniture, and tactile shapes are the characteristics of this one-bed apartment in Milan that's been overhauled by Studio Venturoni. 

The apartment is situated in the Porta Venezia neighborhood, with its narrow cobbled streets that remind the homeowner of her native Rome. 

'The colors of the apartment work and come together beautifully, and the white walls serve a perfect background and canvas to bring out all of these elements,' says the studio's founder, Francesca Venturoni. 'We have been greatly inspired by great masters like Castiglioni and Gae Aulenti,' she says. The modern home is decorated with statement pieces of furniture, embracing color in a clever way throughout.

Oonagh Turner
Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is an interiors writer and editor, and expert at keeping up with trends from the world of interior design. For this story, she's spoken to the designers and architects behind this particular Milan-based project, to find out more about the colorful decor decisions in this Italian apartment.

The kitchen

A kitchen with hanging pendant light and terrazzo backsplash

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

In the kitchen, Studio Venturoni has transformed the white walls, which are given life by the deep blue cabinetry and light wood flooring paired with the dark brown of the Canaletto walnut floor-to-ceiling cabinets. 

The star of the show is the terrazzo kitchen countertop that forms a stylish speckled surface, backsplash and shelf where the homeowner can prop decor - as seen here with works of art that lean against the wall.

A 70s kitchen lamp

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

'In terms of decor, to illuminate the environment, we went with the FlowerPot suspension lamp by Verner Panton for &Tradition, a fine art print by Guido Scarabottolo courtesy of Milan's modern art gallery, L'Affiche Milano.' 

Even touches like the bowl of oranges and il Picchio’s red ashtray from Compasso Gallery add glimmers of color and unexpected hints, and the vivid green from the indoor tree brings a lushness to the space.

Flowerpot VP7 Pendant from Lumens
Get the look

Flowerpot VP7 Pendant from Lumens

Designed originally in 1968, the silhouette of this pendant is tactile and cheery in bright yellow. Hanging from a single cord, it's the perfect pendant for a dopamine dose to any space in the home.

The hallway

A hallway with granite flooring and arched entrance

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

Into the hallway, and the theme of the kitchen flows through, with blue and the wooden elements in the corridor that mirror the style of the kitchen, and a dark strip of paint below the dado rail. 'The granite flooring is also reflected in the kitchen worktop surfaces,' adds Francesca. 

'Elsewhere in the hallways, and a 60s rattan seat in Bonacina style is illuminated by a wall lamp, and we have original art on the walls. There is also a built-in wardrobe.'

From the hallway the arched entrance frames the view of a banana palm and the Roly Poly armchair by Driade. 'The boundary of the two rooms is marked by the clear change in flooring,' says Francesca.

The living room

A colorful living room

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

From the kitchen, the sliding wall opens into the living area where a series of modern living room furniture pieces create a colorful aesthetic. 

Pale pink armchairs float away from the walls and rest on the contemporary rug, Hello Sonia! by the Italian designers of Studiopepe for CC-Tapis

The coffee table by Fontana Arte has wheels for a playful touch and the Arco lamp by Flos swings across the white walls to add extra curves and shape to the space.

Overall, pops of pale pink, blue from the modern rug and glimmers of red from the artwork and coffee table decor bring color into the room without overwhelming it.

Arco floor lamp, Flos
Real deal

Arco floor lamp, Flos

A much-imitated iconic floor lamp made of adjustable stainless steel, reaching to around seven foot with a Carrera marble base. 

Archiology arc lamp, Amazon
Budget buy

Archiology arc lamp, Amazon

It may not be as large or grand as the Flos version, but for $130 compared to nearly $4,000, it's a way to get the look when you're on a budget. 

The bedroom

A bedroom with pops of yellow and pink

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

In the bedroom, the cold tones of the walls contrast with the warmth of the furnishings. 'In this environment the shades of blue fade into a grey-light blue that makes the mustard of the bed and the beige of the sculptural bedside table even more vivid and illuminating.'

'The bedside table by Saba Italia is flanked by the Parentesi lamp, also by Flos. The colors of the original poster match the bed linen and decorative cushions by Society Limonta.' 

The bathroom

A bathroom tiled with sage green ceramic tiles and light pink wall paint

(Image credit: Emanuele Zamponi. Design: Studio Venturoni)

Entering the bathroom, and texture is brought to the walls, which are covered in sage green ceramic bathroom tiles that work against the pale pink nude contrast with the walls and matt white taps by Fir Italia.

'The sage green mono-material brings out the white details of the taps and the bare walls,' says Francesca. 

'In the communal areas such as the corridors and the bathroom, we find elements of brighter colors on the walls. This is essential to help those small rooms brighten up and burst with character.'

Oonagh Turner
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