Natural Home Fragrances Are My New Favourite Way to Make My Apartment Smell Amazing — Experts Agree

If you've yet to jump on the natural fragrance bandwagon, this is your sign. From vibrant diffusers to luxuriously scented candles, behold all the clean home scents you need in your life

The best chemical-free, all-natural scents for your home.
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Many of us carefully consider what we put into our bodies, opting for natural, additive-free options whenever possible. However, what about natural home fragrances? We often overlook the impact of the additives in regular home scents. Candles, oils, and diffusers permeate our living spaces, affecting the air we breathe. 

So it's worth seeking out home scents like candles and the best incense that are actually beneficial for our health. According to Ed Dailey, Director of Product Education at Young Living Essential Oils, "A natural scent typically refers to a fragrance derived from natural sources such as essential oils, plant extracts, or other botanical ingredients." Carried at the best home decor stores, these scents differ from synthetic fragrances, which often contain harmful chemicals to mimic certain smells. Essential oils, for instance, are concentrated aroma compounds from plants. Whether you're avoiding potentially harmful chemicals for health reasons, reducing the environmental impact of synthetic fragrances, or simply enjoying the aromatherapeutic benefits of natural scents, making the switch has numerous advantages.

That’s what prompted multi-hyphenate actress, singer, author Hilary Duff to launch premium natural fragrance brand Below 60°. "Home is my happy place," says Duff, the brand’s Chief Brand Director. "That's why I'm so excited to launch Below 60°, a line of natural home fragrance products that you can feel good about bringing into your space." Duff explains, "Becoming a mom meant becoming more conscious and cautious about the products I use, so we've gone to the ends of the earth to develop unique, 100% natural fragrances from responsibly sourced ingredients." "They're fresh and fantastic, and so much fun," she adds.

Discover just how delightful the world of natural fragrances can be with the following edit. From diffusers to candles, you're guaranteed to feel good about these exquisite home scents.

This ingenious scent layering technique adds so much dimension to your home ambiance.

Best Natural Home Scents

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According to Mark Jacobs of Below 60°, “Natural fragrances made with essential oils offer a gentler, subtler, more pleasing scent. This translates into an all-around superior fragrance experience that is not overbearing. Most synthetic fragrances formulated with many chemicals give off a similar 'artificial' and more harsh scent that often overtakes a room. Scents are proven to affect our overall frame of mind and moods, and natural scents are formulated to be the most pleasing." Plus, eliminating synthetic, artificial chemicals from our environment "provides us a safer, healthier environment for our pets and loved ones.” So basically, natural home fragrance enhances our mood, promotes health and longevity, while enriching our overall scent experience — yes, please!

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