I Shop For a Living, and These 12 Modern Accent Chairs Are the Best I’ve Seen Yet

The key to fixing an outdated room isn't always a renovation — sometimes, one chair makes all the difference. Get ready for the quickest, most stylish upgrade your home will see all year

Best modern accent chairs
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With sleek lines and avant-garde designs, modern accent chairs are no ordinary pieces of furniture — they're art. For those of us craving style with substance, a modern accent chair never fails to impress.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a sleek, futuristic home to appreciate their contemporary beauty. Designers favor modern accent chairs for their ability to breathe new life into tired spaces, infusing otherwise classic rooms with a hint of cool. According to Leigh Ann Harris at Christopher Architecture & Interiors, 'An accent chair is an easy way to introduce drama and interest into a space.’ ‘The bonus is that, unlike artwork or sculpture, it doubles as a functional furniture piece,’ she says, adding, ‘The more unique and eclectic, the better!' 

No shortage of that here! A well-chosen accent chair might just be the difference between a typical home and an art gallery caliber masterpiece. But of course, this requires a discerning pick — a chair that is architecturally brilliant, cutting-edge, and (since it is, of course, still a seat) comfortable. The process requires a fair bit of digging, but luckily, curating functional yet beautiful things is what I do for a living. Reap the fruits of my labor with the quickest update you’ll do all year.

I'll wager you've never seen boucle accent chairs look this good. Shop Livingetc's 12 favorite seats.

Best Modern Accent Chairs

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How should I style a modern accent chair?

‘I like to use accent chairs that don’t need additional styling,’ says Leigh, and modern accent chairs certainly speak for themselves. You could end your lesson here — simply letting them shine. However, if you're inclined to elevate your chair further, interior designer Artem Kropovinsky offers some advice.

Artem suggests contrasting your modern accent chair with textured decor and contemporary art to complement its avant-garde look. Echoing Leigh's insight, ‘While bright colors highlight its design, subdued backgrounds ensure the chair stands out,’ notes Artem.

Essentially, less is more when it comes to styling modern accent chairs. Just as the iconic Coco Chanel advised to look in the mirror and remove one accessory, the same applies to your home.

Speaking of minimalism, these mid-century accent chairs more than fit the bill.

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