"So Welcoming and Comfortable!" 12 Guest Room Must-Haves Designers Use to Make Your Home as Luxe As a Hotel

Shop style editor-approved essentials for the perfect guest room this holiday season

Overnight hosting essentials for creating the perfect guest room this holiday season.
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Whether we like it or not, many of us find ourselves hosting close friends and family during the holidays. Sometimes it's a quick overnight, other times a longer stay, but no amount of time minimizes this tremendous undertaking - especially if you’re new to the hosting game. 

We’re obviously well–acquainted with our own home and everything inside of it, so it can be difficult imagining this experience from an outside perspective. After all, you’re not a hotel, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t incorporate little tips and tricks from the best home decor stores to elevate your guests’ experience.

According to Manon Roux, the founder of Atelier Roux, the secret to the perfect guest experience is when the host infuses "personal touches and thoughtful amenities like fresh flowers" throughout the guest room. Several of Roux's favorites include "a curated selection of books or magazines, and a conveniently placed water pitcher" Manon says. "These elements contribute to a welcoming and comfortable environment that goes beyond just a place to sleep."

If you're unsure where to begin, then look no further than the following overnight hosting guide, complete with guest room hosting essentials and tips to ensure a seamless hosting experience - and impress even the pickiest of in-laws. 

Creating the perfect guest room

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Vacant space

Make room for suitcases (even if that means under the bed), as well as inside your closets and drawers. This doesn’t mean you need to remove all of your personal belongings, but do consider what your guests might bring given the current outdoor climate and their length of stay.

Extra pillows and linens

Locating towels, blankets, and extra pillows is a guessing game for many guests upon arrival. Save them them the imposition of having to ask by stocking all three of these things, making their placements obvious. 

Back to basics

Sometimes its the basics - an electrical outlet, a midnight glass of water - that make all the difference. Make your guest's stay as comfortable as possible by anticipating a few basic needs. 

Above and beyond

Hosting anyone, for any length of time, is already quite generous. But for those who desire to go above and beyond, there are several bonus steps that significantly elevate a guest's experience. None of these are expected, but are highly appreciated.  

For those planning to host this holiday season, discover how to make an entryway Christmassy.

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