5 Paint Colors That Will Help You Sleep Better if You Use Them in Your Bedroom

These are the "soporific" hues top color experts would choose for a sleep-boosting bedroom

Paint colors that will help you sleep better; green bedroom in Benjamin Moore Scenic Drive
(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

You might not have realized it, but the color of your bedroom could be affecting the quality of your sleep.

But, don't panic, there are a number of paint colors that will help you sleep better if you use them in your bedroom, including dusky pinks and ocean-like blues.

'Colors can have a huge impact on how we feel, so from the moment you wake up the colors you see can play a huge part on our mood,' says Tash Bradley, Lick’s Director of Interior Design and Color Psychologist. 'We never see color in isolation so think about all the colors you see in your room from your walls to your soft furnishings. When it comes to choosing a color, I would always think about the time of day and if you are a morning person or like to hibernate and sleep in.'

Discover what the color experts would choose for a sleep-inducing room below.

Which paint colors will help you sleep better?

'For a calming bedroom effect, opt for warm natural stone colors or greens – the colors we associate with nature will bring a sense of peace to a room,' says Ruth Mottershead, from paint brand Little Greene.

'Color has a profound effect on how we feel, with certain colors being associated with certain moods, this can differ by person, with our memories and individual color associations coming into play too. Rather than following trends, it’s important to choose colors that speak to you personally.'

See below for five color trends from top color experts would choose for a relaxing bedroom that will help send you off into a peaceful slumber.

1. Earth tones 

pink bedroom by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

'Bedrooms are our own personal sanctuary, a space that should ooze comfort, tranquillity and coziness,' says Ruth Mottershead. 'Creating an inviting and restful bedroom scheme is all about layering texture, color and pattern.'

An elegant choice for an earth tone bedroom, Split Pink by Little Greene is a wonderfully warm, pink hue that will add a homely and soothing feel to a space. 

And how should you use the hue? Ruth says: 'For a cohesive and contemporary feel, avoid combining with harsh bright white on skirting and woodwork. Instead, consider a color drenching approach, or embrace darker tones and opt for a coordinated color such as warm grey-brown Attic II or more dramatic deep blues and greens such as Obsidian Green or Dock Blue.'

2. Sage green 

green bedroom in Benjamin Moore Scenic Drive

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

A soft green bedroom is one of the best colors to choose to help you get a better sleep.

'Green is a fantastic color to embrace in any room, creating tranquil, positive spaces that make us feel nurtured, harnessing the calming effects of nature indoors,' explains Ruth. 'This restful atmosphere may be exactly what you are seeking in a bedroom.'

Helen Shaw, color expert at Benjamin Moore, agrees soft greens are a great choice. 'The bedroom is a space when you come to find comfort,' she says. 'It should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can retreat to at the end of a day and wake up feeling positive the next morning.'

'To this end, consider using pared back, dusky pastels as these are wonderfully relaxing and encourage tranquillity. Shades such as First Light 2102-70, Scenic Drive 697 or Sea Star 2123-30 can create a feeling of calm, which will in turn help you sleep better. 

'They can be used from ceiling to floor or combined with crisp whites and pale greys to create a smart Scandi bedroom scheme.

3. Off white 

white bedroom in Sherwin Williams Alabaster

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Creamy, off-whites offer an ideal mixture of brightness, tranquility and warmth, perfect for creating a snooze-inducing environment.

'Our bedrooms should be our sanctuaries – it is the space where we go to rest after every long day, so finding the perfect paint color is an important choice,' says Sue Wadden, Director of Color at Sherwin Williams. 

'Since we know colors can trigger emotions, you want to make sure you're using shades that will evoke calmness, such as warm neutrals, cool colors, and hues drawn from nature,' Sue adds. 'Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the perfect balance between the brightness of a white without sacrificing a warm and cozy feel.'

Try introducing other soft hues into the space, like dove grey, with blankets and cushions to created a layered, inviting, textural space.

4. Ocean blue 

Blue bedroom in Sherwin Williams Azure Tide

(Image credit: Sherwin Williams)

Blue is the hue to choose for a soothing space that also offers a sense of clarity. 

Soft blue is always a great choice for a serene retreat that will aid sleep, but you can also opt for a slightly deeper choice for a restful snooze.

'Blues are always soothing, and this ocean-like hue paired with a white paint color is an ideal combination to create a stunning bedroom that offers the relaxing sense of the sea,' Sue Wadden says, recommending this Azure Tide paint color from Sherwin Williams

Lick's Tash Bradley also sings blue's praises for the bedroom. She says: 'Blues work well in the bedroom because they provide a sense of serenity and clarity of thought - allowing you to calm your mind before bed.'

5. Light pink 

pink bedroom in Lick Pink 02

(Image credit: Lick/@ellehooperinteriors)

Another pink on the list is Lick's 02, which will infuse a bedroom with warmth and coziness. 'If cuddles were a color, they would be pink - one of the best colors to use in a bedroom as it’s an incredibly nurturing, caring and warming hue,' says Tash Bradley from the paint brand. 

'Lick’s Pink 02 offers exactly what a bedroom should feel like - a space for you to switch off and truly wind down.

'When you walk into a soft pink bedroom, your shoulders instantly relax, and you settle into a calm space.'

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