'No More Gatekeeping!' — Designers With the Best Smelling Homes Swear By These 12 Spring Scents

I talked to people with impeccable taste. From candles to room sprays, discover their best-kept scent secrets to rejuvenate your home this spring

Designer approved spring scents
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Ah, the sweet scent of spring is in the air! Open your windows and take a whiff. While we might wish it's the fragrance of fresh blossoms wafting in, the truth is, the most captivating scents often emanate from the homes of the experts — the designers, the editors, the scent aficionados — those who’ve mastered the art of creating a perfectly fragranced space for the season.

When it comes to finding the best home fragrance, MINOT founder Kerry Kip recommends keeping it ‘pretty simple and personalized.’ ‘I think about what I would like to feel and then pick a scent — or scents — to achieve that,’ she explains. She's spot on — ‘Scents have an incredible power to influence our moods and emotions, offering a therapeutic experience that can significantly impact our well-being,’ adds Andrea McGrath, founder of Out of Darkness Candle Co. ‘Whether it's the energizing aroma of citrus to kickstart my day or the soothing scent of lavender to unwind in the evening, I choose scents based on their ability to enhance my mood and create the ambiance I desire.’

With spring on our minds, regardless of the vibe you're aiming for or your personal taste, you're on the brink of discovering your new go-to spring scent. And no, they’re not all florals — this assortment is bursting with surprises. I would have loved to have kept these treasures to myself lest they sell out, but these scents are simply too good to gatekeep. The cat is officially out of the bag — hailing from the best home decor stores, these are the only fragrances you need to consider this spring.

Expert Approved Spring Scents

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