Our shopping editor loves the glass-top coffee table trend - here are the 12 she's choosing from right now

Glass-top coffee tables are a key trend in design, allowing light to flow and spaces to feel airy. Here are the 12 our shopping editor wants to buy now

A gemoetric glass top coffee table
(Image credit: Molteni & Co)

I recently visited a Molteni & Co showroom and discovered this geometric, glass-top coffee table with a marble base - designer Ron Gilad’s 45°/Tavolino coffee table. The piece is a testament to Ron's interest in basic geometric shapes and glass, and I love it for its sleek, monochrome finish, and 'open-box' style, making it a space to show off your favorite pieces and encouraging your coffee table to become a place for curation and display.

With a sleek monochrome finish, available in walnut or black oak, it is easily integrated into all styles of home. I've started spotting the interior design trend recreated with other 'open-box', glass top designs. Here are 12 I've found from the best home decor stores that replicate the look for less.

12 glass-top coffee tables to buy now

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Why are glass coffee tables a timeless piece? 

DOBLE coffee table

(Image credit: Glas Italia)

Glass coffee tables are a style that has long been at the forefront of living room design. Where some coffee table trends are about creating a plinth look with a monoblock coffee table, where a great block of hard material - typically made of concrete, marble, or stone brings a structural feel to a room, glass instead brings a dainty and delicate feel, and has a transparent quality that creates an open and airy feel.

Because of its transparency, you can see through the glass and peer at what is on display - reinforcing the idea that a coffee table is a tool for showcasing your favorite decorative pieces. Glass is also a timeless material that can merge seamlessly into any style of home you have, from more Art Deco design to a more contemporary look.

It's a style that is still going strong and Glas Italia will be showcasing the glass look at the upcoming Salone del Mobile in Milan. 'For us, glass tables have always been trendy,' says Annina Preda of Glas Italia. 'This year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we will be presenting the DOBLE coffee table (above). 

'Designed by Patricia Urquiola, they are made of innovative laminated and glued glass, giving life to extraordinary optical illusions and wonderful surreal effects.' It's the iridescent nature of the glass that make this style of coffee tables extra special. 'The objects observed through this material, in fact, seem to change their material consistency, vary their position, size, and quantity,' says Annina.

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