Glass Coffee Tables are the Hottest Decor Trend Right Now — And They've Been Given a Modern Twist

Coffee tables made entirely of glass - often with hints of color - are the chic new trend that designers are loving right now

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We are loving the summer interior trends that are dotting our socials this season. It's the time of the year when people are starting to open up their homes to entertain, dressing their spaces for the occasion for a light, airy, and welcoming feel. From colorful mirror accents to teak patio furniture, there's plenty of modern aesthetics floating around, but when we caught wind of glass coffee tables becoming the iconic summer accent, we couldn't help but back the trend completely.

Speaking to the experts, they've all confirmed that this is the latest furniture trend set to take over. Living rooms tend to be the focal point of most indoor parties and since the coffee table is an essential centerpiece to the ambiance, we find the glass finish to be the perfect element to bring the space together. Here we take a closer look at this latest coffee table trend, as well as how we can style the look for a trendy summer space.

Glass coffee tables for a chic, contemporary touch

We recently came across a trending TikTok video, courtesy of digital creator Tega Alexander (@tegaalexander), where he was styling a modern curved glass table for his living room. And Tega's video is just one of many. There have been plenty of other living inspiration videos and designer tours featuring stylish glass coffee tables as the focus of the living room, and they've certainly caught our attention.

Not only are these glass tables adaptable to any space due to their elemental versatility, but they're also the perfect modern rendition of a coffee table. They blend cohesively into any minimalist living room but can also be dressed up for a more maximalist space.

Interior designer Andrea Schumacher explains that glass's ability to filter light helps open up the room, making it feel larger and more inviting. She points out that these qualities are particularly desirable during the summer months when we crave a fresh and open atmosphere. 'Their sleek, transparent design has a unique ability to make spaces appear more bright and airy,' she says.

Real estate agent Lindsey Harn also tells us that this trend is noticeable among many modern living rooms right now. 'The use of natural materials for home decor including coffee tables is a fashionable trend for 2024,' notes Lindsey. Founder of EDH Interiors Elissa Hall also confirms that the simplistic beauty carried by glass accents makes them a strong contender among this year's interior design trends. 'The trend reflects a broader shift towards minimalist and modern aesthetics,' says Elissa.


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How should you style a glass coffee table?

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When it comes to styling these furniture pieces with coffee table decor, Pete Trentacoste, head of interior design at Go Summer, a vacation rental design service, suggests incorporating a stylish tray that can help organize tablebound items, making it easy to change up the look according to the season or occasion. (We love this beautiful striped tray, from Addison Ross.)

'For a cohesive aesthetic, choose accessories that complement the room’s color palette and overall design theme,' says Pete. 'The key is balance, so style the table in such a way that it's aesthetically appealing without the bother of visual clutter.'

Meanwhile, Andrea points out that this could be a great location to give some decorative objet pride of place. 'Incorporating natural elements like plants and gemstones can enhance the modern and earthy vibe of your living space,' she says. 'Plants bring a fresh, lively touch, while gemstones add an intriguing and elegant detail.'

Having seen plenty of masterfully staged homes featuring glass coffee tables, Lindsey tells us that natural elements like wood or glass beads give the space an opulent finish. She also suggests adding layers with books, candles, or small vessels to hide remotes to give your coffee table a designer look.

If you're interested in doing a summer decor overhaul to prepare your home for entertaining, you might want to consider swapping your coffee table out for a cool glass piece that compliments your living room. And don't forget to dress it up by styling it with your favorite current records like Tega or adorning it with your latest trendy finds for a personalized finish. After all, the best way to truly adopt a trend is to make it your own.

Styling ideas for a Glass Coffee Table

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