The best exercise bikes

Best exercise bikes: 6 top buys to work your legs, arms, and abs

best exercise bikes
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These are the very best exercise bikes for working out at home. Whether you have a dedicated home gym, a spacious spare bedroom, or an empty garage...

Buying an exercise bike? Whether it’s more convenient for you to work out from home or your local gym is too expensive, owning your own exercise bike can help you squeeze in a workout during your lunch hour or while the kids are asleep, with ease. This way you needn’t leave the house to work up a sweat.

The best exercise bike for home use should ideally offer a range of adjustable features from handlebars that can be moved to suit your needs, a seat that can be lowered or made higher to fit your height, and adjustable resistance to suit everyone from beginners to avid cyclists. See our top six exercise bikes below and bring the gym home. 

The best exercise bikes

Exerpeutic bike

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1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

Best exercise bike: space-savvy with all of the best features

Reasons to buy
+Foldable+On wheels+8 magnetic resistance levels+Hand pulse sensors+Quiet operation 
Reasons to avoid
-Only for use on hard flooring

The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is our best pick for several reasons. It’s great for use in a home gym or living room since it’s foldable and very compact, with wheels for easy moving. It also has a weight capacity of 136kg so it can be used by anyone. 

With a large seat that’s fully adjustable, it even boasts a hand pulse monitor so you can track your pulse while you train. That and it has an eight-level magnetic tension control system so you can make your workout as easy or as hard – depending on your fitness level – as you like. With a large LCD display, tracking your progress is easy – time, distance, calories burned and speed can all be recorded.

Marcy recumbent bike

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2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Best recumbent exercise bike: 10/10 for support

Reasons to buy
+Comfortable seatAdjustable pedals+Back and arm support
Reasons to avoid
-Not very space-saving

Choose the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike if you are looking for something with extra support – perhaps you are training to get over an injury? With a comfortable padded seat and foam covered handles, your back and arms will be in good form while you exercise. That and its counterbalanced pedals will ensure your knees are placed right and you are in full control, too. 

They are also weighted for maximum support and they feature adjustable foot straps to fit any size feet. Offering eight resistance levels and a tension knob to control it, you can customize your workout with ease. No need to go outside when you can simulate riding on different terrains inside. With an LCD computer screen to show time, speed, distance, and calories burned, you can track and monitor your progress with no problems.

Yosuda bike

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3. YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

Best exercise bike for your home gym: boasting a 35lb flywheel

Reasons to buy
+Non-slip handlebars+On wheels for easy moving+Immediate stop function for safety purposes+Odometer reading+Tablet and water bottle holder
Reasons to avoid
-Large-Louder than other models when in use – best for use in a separate room

Pick this great exercise bike from YOSUDA if you want something that’s fit for your home gym. It’s even on wheels so you can move it around a room with ease. Boasting a 35lbs flywheel and a heavy-duty frame, it’s super stable while in use. It also has adjustable non-slip handlebars, an adjustable and padded seat as well as a large range of resistance –  press the resistance bar to stop the bike immediately. 

Flooding with stats on its LCD screen from speed to time, distance, calories burned and an odometer, the bike also has a tablet holder, as well as space for a water bottle. It has a 270lbs weight capacity.

Vigbody bike

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4. VIGBODY Exercise Bike

Best exercise bike for intense workouts: sturdy, stable, and large

Reasons to buy
+Odometer tracking+Sturdy and heavy-duty+On wheels+Adjustable
Reasons to avoid
-Better for larger spaces

Boasting a sturdy, heavy-duty frame and flywheel and a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs, this VOGBODY exercise bike is best for high-intensity training – no matter your fitness level. It’s adjustable – both seat and handlebar – and features pedal toe clips for safety reasons. 

With adjustable resistance, too, and an LCD monitor display, you can use this exercise bike to track your distance, speed, time, calories, and as an odometer. You can also adjust your workout speed and intensity using this screen. While it doesn’t boast a tablet holder or any other frills, it is great for serious exercise bike users.

Sunny Health bike

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5. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Best exercise bike: for spinning at home

Reasons to buy
+Adjustable handlebars and seat+Easy-grip handlebars+Very stable when in use+Adjustable resistance
Reasons to avoid
-No monitor for tracking progress

Sunny Health’s indoor cycling bike is great for spinning: it has a sturdy, 40lb flywheel for smooth momentum, and easy-grip handlebars for support when you are working up a proper sweat and standing on the pedals. With a knob that can be rotated to increase resistance in a flash, use this to tailor your workout to your fitness level. 

It also has adjustable handlebars for different riding styles (and different heights) and a four-way adjustable seat that’s comfortable, too. Not just that but it boasts levelers to prevent wobbling and boast stability. With no monitor for tracking your progress, use this exercise bike with an exercise video on your phone or TV to reap the benefits. Use a fitness watch to track your calories burned and heart rate, too.

Weslo bike

(Image credit: Weslo)

6. Weslo Cross Cycle Recumbent Exercise Bike

Best budget exercise bike: great for working out your arms and legs

Reasons to buy
+Super affordable+Adjustable resistance+Foldable+Device holder
Reasons to avoid
-Basic-Not the best option if you need support

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On a budget? Buying an exercise bike for sporadic use? Choose this Weslo model. Though a little basic, it does feature adjustable resistance and it will work out your arms at the same time as your legs. It’s also foldable with a steel frame so as not to take up much space in your apartment or home. 

With a padded, adjustable saddle and adjustable pedals with straps, it should work perfectly, no matter your height or weight. And, with an inertia-enhanced flywheel, you’ll experience a smooth, steady pedal stroke every time. Non-slip handlebars make working out a breeze, while its large LCD window monitor shows speed, time, distance, RPM, and calories. It even has a built-in shelf for your devices to sit. It has a 250-pound user weight capacity, too.


When choosing the best exercise bike it’s handy to bear in mind each one’s price, depending on how much you will be using it. You’ll also want to consider each bike’s size and whether it’s foldable. Exercise bikes usually have adjustable handlebars, seats, and pedal straps to fit every user, too. Non-slip handlebars make working out easy while having a monitor makes progress tracking easy. Have a look at the size of your new bike’s flywheel – the heavier it is, the tougher it is to use and the smoother the stroke – and opt for an exercise bike with adjustable resistance to tailor it to your fitness level. Be sure to bear in mind each bike’s maximum weight capacity before buying.


To recap... the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike is our best pick as it’s space-savvy yet packed with all of the best features from hand pulse sensors to eight different magnetic resistance levels. It’s also foldable, on wheels, and quiet when in operation.