'The Best Dressed Beds All Have One!' 12 Bolster Pillows to Buy to Elevate Your Bedroom

Find the best bolster pillows to add to your bed or couch for a stylish upgrade that makes any space look better

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A bolster is a cylindrical pillow that has its beginnings in Southeast Asia. The long and lean pillow is also referred to as a hugging pillow and offers additional neck and back support. Aside from its practical properties, a bolster can also be a wonderful finishing accent for your bed. The lengthy form can create the illusion of a larger bed and balance the more rectangular shape of your pillows and shams. Available in a range of colors, textures, and shapes, we've taken the liberty of finding you our favorite bolsters.

After searching the best home décor stores, we've developed a list of our top picks, all with the aim of complementing the best bedding sets you've already picked up. It includes the insight of interior designers and experts, alongside a selection of our top bedding picks.

1. Best Patterned Bolster Pillows

2. Best Neutral Bolster Pillows

3. Best Soft Bolster Pillows

4. Best Colorful Bolster Pillows

Can you wash a bolster pillow?

You’ve found your perfect bolster pillow and the worst part is washing it to find it shrunk or doesn’t quite look the same way it did when you bought it. In order to avoid this rather disappointing moment, taking the time to understand how to look after your pillow is worthwhile and rewarding. 'Wash the cover in cold water to ensure it does not shrink,' says Australian interior designer, Greg Natale.

Alongside this clever tip, you can also use washable pillow protectors to keep your filling clean and protected. Beware of dust too, use your vacuum to keep your bolster clean. For any specific stains, spot cleaning with a mild detergent and damp cloth can also work wonders. Care instructions will vary depending on the fabric composition of your bolster as natural fibers may be more delicate than the man-made alternatives which are often more machine-washable.

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