12 Things Food Network's Kate Lee Biegel Swears by for Good BBQs — I Love Her Genius "Burger Station" Hack

Chef Katie Lee Biegel shares a few of her outdoor hosting essentials to help you prepare for Memorial Day and beyond. Consider yourself cookout ready!

Celebrity chef Katie Lee Biegel at an event.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are just nine days away from Memorial Day Weekend. That means the clock is ticking — if you're planning to host a BBQ or outdoor gathering, it's time to start preparing in earnest.

I had the chance to speak to none other than celebrity chef Katie Lee Biegel about her outdoor hosting must-haves ahead of the big day. You might know Katie as a co-host on Food Network talk show 'The Kitchen'; the star of 'Beach Bites With Katie Lee' on the Cooking Channel; a cookbook author; a regular guest star on shows like 'Beat Bobby Flay'; and a co-founder of Kind of Wild Wines, a certified organic, vegan, and low-calorie wine brand. But today, you'll also know her as your new favorite outdoor hosting guru, who knows just what you need to throw a successful cook-out or backyard soiree.

Below, you'll find a specially crafted shopping edit built off the back Katie's expert advice. Each of these barbeque-ready items was sourced from the best home decor brands, and some of them were even selected by Katie herself. So if you want to dine like a pro, look no further. But once you're done, of course, I will be expecting an invite to your BBQ — it's really the least you can do after I went through all this trouble...

Katie Lee Biegel's BBQ Shopping Edit

What is the ultimate tip for the summer host?

To me, summer is the best season to host. Everything is so much easier when you can use the outdoors to your advantage. Katie feels the same way. 'If you're relaxed, your guests will be too,' she says of her ultimate BBQ hosting tip. 'Summer is the time that the etiquette police go away, and you can be more relaxed in your entertaining style.'

She's right — it's much easier to throw a few burgers on the grill than it is to spatchcock a chicken for a winter dinner party. It's much easier to chill a few beers and a bottle of wine than it is to prep a vat of mulled wine. And you should never underestimate the power of a good pair of string lights, particularly in the summer months. All that to say — remember to have fun.

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