Every Stylish Host Needs One of These — The Chic Kitchen Accessory You Probably Didn't Know You Had to Have

Save for tea, coffee, or mulled wine, it's safe to say that no one likes a warm drink. This best wine chillers saves you and your guests 10/10 times

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Picture this — you're the host of a fabulous and luxurious dinner party, gathering glasses for a champagne toast while your friends mill about. To say the night has gone smoothly would be an understatement; there has yet to be a single issue, and you're floating around the room on that high. When it's finally time to cheers, you issue a brief but beloved speech — one that leaves your friends marveling, just how does she do it? — before ceremoniously popping and distributing the bottle of champagne. Eyes glassy and flute full, you take your first sip of that celebratory bubbly. And ... it's warm. 

Womp womp. Has this ever happened to you? Don't let my hyper-specific POV fool you; it's never happened to me either, but that's because I own one of the most underrated hosting tools that also conveniently doubles as a piece of kitchen decor. I'm talking about the fact I own one of the best wine chillers. And if you weren't yet following, I'm here to debunk the rumor that these utterly indispensable containers are unnecessary in the slightest. Not only that, I'm here to show you that these glorified ice buckets can be quite chic too, especially if you're buying yours from one of the best home decor brands.  

'When serving white wine or rosé at a dinner party, I like to use a wine chiller or a nice ice bucket as part of my tabletop, vs just sitting the open bottle of wine on the table,' said Katie Lee Biegel, celebrity chef, Food Network mainstay, and co-founder of Kind of Wild Wines, a wellness and environment-focused wine brand that's made with organic grapes. 'It's important to keep the wine at the right temperature for optimal enjoyment, and there are so many pretty options out there, it becomes part of the decor.'

Give me (and Katie!) a chance to convince you — I promise I'll have you reaching for your wallet by the time you're done scrolling.

12 chic wine chillers for the aesthete

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How should I choose a wine chiller?

Katie recommends thinking about the event you're about to have when thinking about the wine chiller you'd like to buy and/or display. 'I choose which wine bucket to use based on the look I am trying to achieve and whether I'm doing a more formal or a more relaxed menu,' she told me. Aesthetically, 'I love marble wine chillers and I also really like silver wine buckets,' she continued.  'I always keep an eye out when I visit a yard sale or a vintage store for interesting pieces to add to my collection.'  

For something like a sparkling wine, a white wine, or a rosé, Katie likes to keep those in the fridge for 'at least a few hours before serving.' Afterwards, keep them stashed in a chilled wine cooler so you needn't keep running back and forth everytime you'd like a new glass. And 'for certain reds,' she went on, 'like our Kind of Wild Montepulciano, I really like to refrigerate them for about 15-20 minutes before serving, for a slight chill.'

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