Our 5 Top Picks From Cole & Son's Brand New Seville-inspired collection

The brand new collection has given us a dose of needed sunshine, even on a grey, wet day. It's also got us looking up pictures of Seville and dreaming of booking our next city break, pronto...

Cole & Son has just unveiled their latest wallpaper collection, a charming series of summery patterns inspired by sunny Seville.

Featuring orange trees, trumpeting lilies, Sevillian architecture, flamenco fans and a leafy scene with native birds hiding in amongst the branches, the collection brings Seville's sunny atmosphere into the home.

The 15 new designs are all influenced by different aspects of Seville's history, as the Andalusian capital is full of diverse influences from the city’s lineage of diverse settlers. From its Phoenician foundation to Roman rule, and centuries of Islamic dynasties and Christian Castilian conquerors, came waves of unique crafts and traditions leaving an indelible mark upon the Iberian city port.

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With graphic architectural prints in sun-drenched antique palettes to vibrant botanicals and primary-toned ceramic tile motifs, Seville captures all the ebullience of southern Spain.

Here are our five favourites


Alcazar is a testament to centuries’ old blend of Mudéjar architecture and ornamentation. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Alcazar left an indelible impression on the Cole and Son design studio, leading to this fantastical interpretation of the fortress palace’s gardens.

So beautifully detailed you could gaze at it for ages and still pick up something new, we think this print would cheer up any cloakroom or power room space, and look rather lovely in a sun room or reading room too. Taking this pattern into an often-used room like a utility space or laundry room would give you a needed pick-me-up on wet and grey days. For those with a garden house, outdoor kitchen or covered outdoor dining area, this would bring an instant dose of sunshine.

Colourways: Terracotta & Spring Green Multi.

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This leafy scene is both sprawling and serene at the same time. In the Chartreuse & Olive Green on White colourway of the print, blink and you might miss the camouflaged birds perching on the trailing jasmine branches.

But in the bolder Rose & Racing Car Green on Dark Viridian colourway, all the blossoms and birds come to life. Striking for any room, but could be particularly well suited to bedrooms or powder rooms.

Colourways: Rose & Racing Car Green on Dark Viridian;Yellow & Leaf Green on Dark Forest Green; Coral & Petrol on Ink; and Chartreuse & Olive Green on White

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Oranges are synonymous with Seville, with its city streets and courtyards teeming with fruit trees. This delicate, fabric-like representation of Seville’s iconic fruit pays homage to the regal tapestries found hanging in the Royal Alcazar’s Salón de los Tapices with a subtle textured feel to its foliage.

Orange Blossom’s elegant repeat is presented in muted, vintage-inspired palettes of Orange & Spring Green on Parchment; Lemon & Dark Olive Green on Duck Egg; Burnt Orange & Mint on Seafoam; and the moody Orange & Spring Green on Black.

It looks rather fitting here in an Orangerie or conservatory style setting.

Colourways: Orange & Spring Green on Parchment; Lemon & Dark Olive Green on Duck Egg; Orange & Spring Green on Black; Burnt Orange & Mint on Seafoam.

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Native to the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet flourishes in the searing Sevillian heat of the Alcazar’s courtyards and city gardens. Its feminine shape is enhanced by delicate, painterly details in pretty palettes of Cream and Olive Green on Charcoal; Chalk & Sage on Stone; Ballet Slipper & Sage on Cerulean Sky; and Coral & Viridian on Ink.

Entirely hand-painted in a traditional botanical illustration style, Angel’s Trumpet creates a beautifully bold, elegant floral stripe. Just fab.

Colourways: Cream & Olive Green on Charcoal; Chalk & Sage on Stone; Ballet Slipper & Sage on Cerulean Sky; Coral & Viridian on Ink.

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And finally, Alfaro, featuring a blend of highly detailed Mudéjar architecture.

The Plaza Alfaro residence in Seville is said to have inspired the iconic balcony scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. With its wrought iron balustrades, sunshine yellow paintwork and blooming tropical flowers, Alfaro is a vibrant ode to Sevillian architecture in true-to-life tones of Canary Yellow & Petrol on Parchment; Ochre & Racing Car Green on Terracotta; and Dark Ochre & Forest Green on Duck Egg.

Colourways: Canary Yellow & Petrol on Parchment; Ochre & Racing Car Green on Terracotta; Dark Ochre & Forest Green on Duck Egg.

Seriously zesty, this paper is summer in a nutshell.

The rest of the collection features similarly vibrant and patterned designs, from the ceramic-inspired Triana design and the terracotta pot inspired Talavera print to the tapestry-like Hispalis paper (tipped off to be a particularly popular design this year with it's aged tapestry effect). There are Sevillian florals too – Bougainvillea and Geranium – as well as a damask repeat pattern called Lola.

And if florals aren't your cup of tea, the collection even features a very simple geometric repeat pattern that would look at home in even the most minimalist of homes.

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