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Insider tips for the outside..

The garden, terrace or patio has become an extension of our homes, so creating a seamless connection between inside and outside is key to making it flow.

A well-considered layout, along with some cool planting and stylish outdoor furniture will make a relaxing backdrop where you can hang out and enjoy a summer of easy entertaining and laid-back lounging.

Somewhere this has been done well is Julia Thompson’s home, one of the houses on our House Tours event, taking place on the 6 & 7 June, sponsored by Little Greene, Nespresso and Yves Delorme.

See inside Julia’s home.

Although an interior designer herself, Julia brought in garden designer, Barbara Samitier, for her outside space. Julia’s brief to Barbara was for a garden that was stylish, dramatic and one that the family would all use. We got the top line on how Barbara delivered.

1 well connected

Julia wanted the garden to be an extension of the ground floor of the house. For it to flow visually Barbara chose plants that were similar to those Julia has in the home, such as palms and ferns. She also sourced some beautiful tiles from Alhambra Tiles that have a vintage look, even though they are new. Julia’s home is filled with a mix of vintage and modern pieces, and she already had plenty of vintage pots in the garden, so these added interest, worked well with the tiles and created a visual connection.

2 on the bright side

The sun falls mainly on the left hand side in the middle of this garden, so when Barbara designed the layout, she placed the seating and tables in the sunniest spot. Barbara suggested the sofa by Gloster – it has a sociable L-shape and is big enough for the whole family. It’s covered in shower-proof outdoor fabric too, so can be left out all year round (with its winter cover).

3 mix it up

Just as in her home, Julia likes to mix vintage and modern pieces and to play with scale, so she chose an oversized Anglepoise lamp for the outdoor lighting. It brings drama to the space and makes it feel like an outdoor room. Sheepskin rugs and cushions add to the effect. ‘I’ve found some great outdoor cushions in Sainsbury’s,’ says Julia. ‘It makes sense to have shower-proof fabrics outside. I tend to bring the sheepskins in when it rains, although I’m sure they’d be fine, as they’re used to being outside!’.

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