10 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Going Viral Right Now — Including the One Thing Anyone With a Stand Mixer Should Have

Maximize your cupboard space with these genius and affordable products

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If you're anything like us, you're probably always looking for ways to maximize your cupboard space, and recently our social feeds have gone all-in on recommending us clever ideas to elevate kitchen cabinet storage.

When it comes to how to organize a kitchen, these buys are small investments that add up to big changes in how you store everything from plates and pans to those small bits of clutter that seem to collect in your cupboards. They're all affordable too. Now you can stack, sort, and store your way to a Pinterest-worthy kitchen in a pinch!

1. Adhesive holders for your stand mixer attachments 

kitchen aid attachment storage in cabinet

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If you're lucky enough to be the proud owner of a KitchenAid, you might find trying to find a suitable solution for the various attachments a constant battle, which is often inconvenient when you're struggling to find the right piece in a rush. These genius attachment holders can be attached with screws for a more permanent fix, or simply peel off the adhesive tape and stick the holders to the inside or underneath of your kitchen cabinets. They're made of heavy duty plastic, so they're sturdy, but they're still lightweight— perfect for all your organizational hang-ups.

2. Space saving stackable shelving

These easy to assemble, multi-purpose use stackable shelves are a must for maxing out your cupboard space. They're also expandable, and can be stacked, nested, placed side by side or configured in an L shape to fit any space or cupboard. 

They're recommended for stacking plates, but they'll work great for a whole host of other organizational needs. Made of metal and bamboo, they look sleek and sturdy. They're so functional and versatile!

3. Undershelf Mug hooks

mugs hanging under a shelf

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For those of us with an alarmingly large cup collection (and coffee addiction), these undershelf cup hooks are the perfect solution. With no tools needed, simply attach the hooks to your cabinet shelf and marvel at all the space you've saved! Crafted from ultra-durable steel, you won't have to worry about your favourite mug being broken, and your cupboard will look sophisticated and organized. Display your favourite cups at the front for easy accessibility.

4. Expandable Drawer Organizer

bamboo cutlery drawer divider

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This expandable drawer organizer is made from high-quality bamboo, and is ingeniously designed to fit almost any storage drawer to maximum storage space. With 8 compartments, 2 of which have adjustable compartments, this organizer is a functional and versatile way to store your flatware sets

5. Plastic Wrap Drawer Organizer

For some reason, plastic wrap and tinfoil seem to be the most difficult thing to store. From the awkward shape and size to the cutting edges which never seem to work very effectively, we're in need of a desperate solution when it comes to how to organize your kitchen drawers

This plastic wrap organizer, made of premium bamboo, will cut the clutter, with two slots for plastic wrap, foil or wax paper. It also comes fitting with a premium quality aluminium sliding knife, that is wear and rust-resistant, making it safer to use for longer. It also doesn't need assembling, it's ready to be mounted straight onto the wall or used in a drawer.

6. Organizational magnets

These super handy ultra-strong magnets can be used to attach metal measuring cups to the inside of your cabinet cupboards, keeping them neat, organized and accessible. They won't leave a mark on your cabinets or fridge, and can also be repurposed for a whole host of handy organizational hacks around the house. 

7. Adjustable peg drawer organizer

a kitchen drawer with pegboard organizer

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This pegboard drawer organizer is the perfect solution to organizing and arranging kitchenware in your drawers. They can be trimmed to exact size for a custom fit, or simply drop in your drawer to install. 

The organizer includes 1 wooden peg drawer insert and 9 matching wooden pegs, so you can mix and match for your ideal solution for how to store dishes in a kitchen.

8. Expandable pot and pan organizer rack

This expandable pan storage idea is the perfect way to maximise your storage space and declutter your kitchen. Made of durable iron, it stores up to 10 pans, and is fully adjustable between 12” and 23.2” in length. It can also be split into 2 separate racks, perfect for your countertops or cabinets. It's easy to assemble, and super effective at organizing your pans!

9. Cabinet water bottle organizer

If you're never without your water bottle (us too), this is the perfect way to store your collection. Made of acrylic, this handy holder stores up to 16 bottles, and it comes with 8 hooks for tumbler lids or mugs, too. It also doesn't require any tools, and can be stacked up in your cupboard and ready to use in a matter of minutes. 

10. Universal knife block

If you're not a chef, chances are you probably don't have an ideal knife storage solution. This resin knife holder can accommodate all your kitchen knives while protecting them, and it looks stylish too! It also has water outlets at the bottom to keep your clean knives dry. The best part is it can be placed in a pot of vase, so it's totally customizable to your kitchen space.  

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