12 pieces of timeless furniture - the Livingetc edit of what will never go out of style

If you're hoping to build a living room or bedroom that defies fickle trends and endures year after year, start by shopping our edit of timeless furniture here

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Picture this: You are hoping to decorate your apartment or home with high-quality timeless furniture pieces from reputable names, but you don't want to re-decorate the same rooms over and over as trends change. You are design-minded and care about curating the perfect vibe, but you are far too efficient (and, let's face it, busy) to go through that process over and over again. Whatever you buy, you want it to be high-quality, stylish, and — here is the keyword — timeless.

In a world of ever-changing trends, the best couches, chairs and tables endure year after year. It's because they're well-made, crafted, comfortable and functional. If you're shopping for your living room or bedroom and looking for long-lasting furniture, something you know will never go out of style, Livingetc's round-up of the 12 best timeless furniture pieces has you covered. 

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What makes furniture timeless?

There are some styles that never go out of fashion, and look as fresh today as they did when they were created. Ironically, these tend to be mid-century pieces of furniture, whose name might include a timestamp but whose power to look contemporary lives on. 'The joy of most mid-century furniture is that it is clean-lined, and was created with a utilitarian mindset - or with functionality embedded into its reason for existence,' says Livingetc editor in chief Pip Rich. 'This is what makes a piece of furniture timeless - its ability to still be useful (perhaps because it's the most comfortable a chair can be, or the most practical a piece of storage can be) and to not create too much visual clutter.'

The other reason mid century furniture tends to be timeless is because of how customizable it is. The Egg chair can come in a variety of different fabrics, the Eames lounger can be in everything from leather to cowhide. These allow you to update the item occasionally without ever having to swap it out completely. A true test of timelessness.

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