Gwyneth Paltrow's Ruggable x Goop Collab Stuns With Simplicity — Our Style Editor's 6 Favorite Pieces

With organic hues, tactile textures, and worldly sensibilities, Ruggable x Goop elevates the everyday.

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The home is a sacred space. It's where we celebrate birthdays, binge-watch our favorite shows, and throw cocktail parties. It's where children grow up, meals are made, and even mundane wellness habits become cherished rituals. And if you’re like Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, the collaborator for Ruggable’s latest collection, these rituals almost certainly include saunas, dry brushing, and bone broth.

Much like the lifestyle brand and wellness guru herself, Ruggable x Goop is organic and worldly, drawing influences from modern Spanish revival aesthetics and Indian Dhurrie designs. It's a collection that embodies a life well-lived, capturing all the warmth and everyday sensibilities that emerge from it. The sentiment perfectly aligns with Ruggable, whose washable rugs acknowledge the realities of life: pets, children, and inevitable spills. Beautiful things are a dime a dozen, but beautiful things you can actually live with are rare.

‘A well-loved home is a backdrop for our most special memories: playing with our children on the floor, a boisterous dinner party with old friends, a rare quiet moment curled up with a book,’ says Gwyneth in a recent press statement. ‘For Ruggable x Goop, we leaned into those precious moments, blurring form and function to create an elevated collection of organic neutrals with motifs and textures lifted from our travels. Our hope is that these luxurious, washable rugs become part of your most special memories for years to come.’

The collection's washability is a wellness feature in itself: the ability to live with ease and without worry is a form of holistic health — home health. And stylistically, every flatwoven, re-jute, or tufted rug is as ‘goopy’ as we could have hoped. Think textured, think soft, think expensive — ‘quiet luxury’ before the term lost all meaning.

Shop the full collection, starting at $119, at Ruggable.

Ruggable x goop

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Our Style Editor's Favorites

Ruggable x goop

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Are Ruggable rugs good quality?

Ruggable rugs are a fan favorite for their affordable, washable designs that don’t skimp on style. While it's hard to beat hand-tufted varieties crafted by skilled artisans in some far-off land, don’t count out Ruggable just yet.

First off, they’re perfect for messy people. Each rug features a partially recycled polyester surface and a thermoplastic rubber bottom that repels moisture. This means red wine spills, pet dander, and whatever else life throws at your floors can be swiftly removed, leaving your rug looking fresh.

Secondly, low cost doesn’t mean low quality here. I’ve tried a couple in person and can vouch for their look and feel. But if you don’t believe me, check out Ruggable’s product reviews. Customers share their honest opinions, and it’s clear Ruggable has won over many. It’s tough to please everyone, but Ruggable comes pretty close.

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