We Found the Candle Romeo Beckham Has on His Coffee Table and it's as Luxurious as You Would Think

We can officially confirm that the British footballer and son of David Beckham has great taste in fragrances. Shop his picks below.

Romeo Beckham
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One of life's greatest feelings is realizing that you and a celebrity own the same thing. The same chair, the same coffee table book, the same sweater ... the same anything at all. For a moment, it's as though the divide between us and them does not exist; if I can own this mug, and they can own this mug, are we really so different after all?

For me, that feeling compounds when we're talking about items sourced from some of the best home decor brands. Because as a shopping editor, I'm constantly pouring over celebrity photo dumps, scouring each and every inch for a piece of furniture or decor you and I could just as easily own. Don't we all deserve to feel famous from time to time? And make our spaces look better while doing it?

So of course I was elated when I noticed a large luxurious candle hidden within a post from Romeo Beckham, British soccer player and son of David and Victoria Beckham (whose stainless steel kitchen you should check out if you haven't already) — before then calling in some experts to help me identify which fragrance it was exactly.

'I'm a bit of a candle connoisseur, so I instantly recognized the brand on Romeo Beckham's coffee table,' says interior designer and Livingetc contributor Luke Arthur Wells. 'The gold foil crest on the front is the signature of a luxury fragrance brand called Trudon, and these candles have a great reputation for great scents and burning well.'

Of the Trudon candles Luke has tried, his favorite scent so far is Cire,' he tells me. 'It's a sweet, honey-scented fragrance that has base notes of vanilla. If you're considering trying out this brand, that's my recommendation!'

Romeo Beckham in his living room

(Image credit: Romeo Beckham via Instagram)

Given the size of the candle, Luke deduced that Romeo had purchased the 'supersized Great candle,' which 'will set you back over $600.' But it has 'three wicks so it burns evenly across' and feels 'super luxe.'

That said, I'm willing to guess most of you aren't eager to drop that much cash on a candle right now — so I gathered a few of the smaller (but equally as luxurious) options below.

6 other luxurious scents to try

How should I burn a large candle?

Believe it or not, there is a wrong way to burn your candles. And especially when you're paying more than $15 for one, you don't want any mistakes on this front to eat into your burn time.

'My tips for burning large candles evenly is to always make sure the candle is fully melted across on the first burn — it's super important to stop your candles tunneling after the first burn,' Luke advises. 'An hour should do it, but avoid burning candles for too long —this causes your wick to mushroom, and this can cause your wick to smoke, staining your vessel and even potentially your walls.'

Otherwise, 'you should always trim your wick down, too,' he continues. ;This keeps your flame under control, as too long a wick can cause the same issues as a mushroom wick.'

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