Bowen Yang Has "The Best Smelling Hand Wash I Have Ever Encountered" — And It Makes Your Home So Fresh

Bowen Yang's favorite hand wash also happens to be our style editor's favorite home fragrance. Here's how to uplift your space with scent in seconds

SNL star Bowen Yang on the set of 'Watch What Happens Live'
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If I am anything in this life, it's a fan of (1) 'Saturday Night Live' and (2) Bowen Yang, one of the show's many stars and co-host of my favorite podcast, 'Las Culturistas.' The SNL obsession began at a young age, long before Bowen stepped foot in Studio 8H, when I realized you could get paid for writing skits with your friends (something I had been doing at sleepovers for years prior). And I've since remained a loyal fan, though I'm more prone to catching episode clips later in the week than sitting down for the broadcast on Saturday nights.

That consumption regimen is far more strict, however, when it comes to Bowen's podcast Las Culturistas, which he co-hosts with his best friend and fellow comedian/actor Matt Rogers. The minute an episode drops, I am tuned in, digesting, listening to, and more importantly laughing at what Matt and Bowen have to say about life, liberty, and the pursuit of cultural literacy (I consider myself a Kayteigh, if anyone cares). It's the best part of my week, hands down (other than searching for deals at the best home decor brands, of course).

As I listened to a recent episode, sipping on my coffee while Matt and Bowen chatted, my ears perked up at the mention of a specific Loewe hand soap that the hosts, whose varied interests include fashion and design, couldn't stop praising. The conversation was actually sparked by Matt, who had used said soap in Bowen's apartment and couldn't believe how much he loved the scent.

'Can I say, Bowen has the best smelling hand wash I have ever encountered in certainly a friend's dwellings, maybe even in the wild at large,' Matt raved. 'Where's it from?' 'It's Loewe,' Bowen replied. 'They do tomato leaves hand soap.' While Matt said he initially worried the soap would make his hands smell like, well, tomatoes, he had the opposite reaction after trying it: 'Oh my god, it is so good,' he exclaimed, to which Bowen replied, 'It's chic.'

Now, I'll trust anything these two recommend, but I feel particularly passionate about this one because I can also recommend it. We love Loewe Home Scents at Livingetc, and I can confidently say that the tomato leaves soap, candle, and room spray smell just as divine as Matt and Bowen have painted them out to. It's a fresh and unique scent, unlike most others on the market, and I was so happy to hear the brand's excellent home line get the shoutout it so deserves.

Loewe's tomato leaves collection

A 'tomato leaves' inspired shopping edit

Inspired by this unique and welcoming scent, I've gathered below a few different home decor buys for tomato or plant lover in your life, just in time for spring. You'd be surprised at what's out there.

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