Our Style Editor's Home Always Smells Amazing — And It's Thanks To This $8 Trick

From cones to papers, these are the most gorgeous smelling incense picks we've tried to date. Plus, style them with editor-approved burners for an elevated aromatic experience

The best-smelling incense, according to a style editor.
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Having the best incense burning in your home creates such a moment.  It's akin to lighting a candle but with far more drama. This aromatic tradition, rooted in centuries of use for its healing properties and ability to clear negative energy, holds an undeniably transcendent quality, often gracing spiritual and religious ceremonies. 

Of course, incense has come a long way since its ancient origins. From papers to powders to sticks — all available for purchase at the best home decor stores  — there are numerous ways to create a uniquely personal experience. “Incense is my favorite home fragrance product because it's so versatile,” says Kristen Pumpher, P.F. Candle Co.'s Founder & Creative Director. “You can use a cone for a short period of time, a stick for long weekend mornings, or a paper incense when you just need a quick boost,” explains the fragrance expert. Offering a uniquely novel experience from a slow-burning candle or an always-on scent diffuser, incense delivers a short but intensified burst of instantly blissful aroma — smokier and more atmospheric.

If you’re new to incense, consider it your new aromatic ritual — morning, noon, or night. I'm a convert to the $8 paper incense from Burke, top of the list below, which really does elevate the way my apartment feels. Best of all, its aroma emanates gently even when I'm not burning it, filling my home with its scent for around 3 months. 

So indulge in the 12 best incense picks we could find, along with a curated selection of burners to ensure you partake in style.

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While much of burning incense is fairly self-explanatory, the cone variety may raise more than a few questions due to its unique shape, making it feel a little challenging to approach. According to Pumpher, it's actually quite easy, but she emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the cone is fully ignited before blowing it out. "Allow the flame to sit for a couple of seconds, otherwise you'll have to keep re-lighting it," she advises, adding, "I usually open a window when I'm using incense to make sure it's not overly smoky."

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