Modern Daybeds are the Ultimate Space-Savers — Our Style Editor Chose These 12 as Her Favorite Designs

Equal parts sleeping spot and seat, daybeds do double duty for your home. These are the most stylish ones we could find

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If you love multifunctional furniture (or enjoy an afternoon nap like me), then you’re probably well-acquainted with daybeds. Part couch, part bed — few things are more dreamy. We adore them for their comfort, but for the longest time, they were lacking in the style department. Thankfully, modern daybeds are now giving traditional seating a serious run for their money.

In fact, modern daybeds are one of our favorite living room furniture ideas right now, though they can fit almost any room (more on that later). According to interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, ‘modern daybeds are a versatile and stylish addition to any home, offering comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.’ A seating area by day and a sleeping space by night — it’s giving Clark Kent/Superman. ‘This dual functionality is ideal for small apartments, guest rooms, and multipurpose spaces,’ Nina muses.

I’ve spent hours sorting through the best daybeds online. My goals were simple: 1) style, obviously (my full-time job is curating the chicest things); 2) durability — in this economy, big purchases need to last; and occasionally, 3) space — partially for selfish reasons, given that I reside in a shoebox in NYC.

‘By choosing the right materials and styling them thoughtfully, daybeds can become a focal point that enhances your home’s overall design,’ Nina Lichenstein continues. Luckily for you, I’ve considered these details and more. Putting my expensive taste to good use, I found the 12 best-looking, top-reviewed modern daybeds from the most reputable brands. Why settle for beds, couches and sofas individually when you can have the best of both worlds right here?

Modern Daybeds

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Where should I put modern daybeds?

Since daybeds are a hybrid of bedroom and living room furniture, there are no hard and fast rules about where they belong — they play by their own rules. Though, interior designer Nina Lichtenstein offers some ideas to get started:

The most obvious place is the living room. ‘A daybed can serve as an extra seating option that doubles as a guest bed,’ says Nina. ‘Perfect for entertaining or accommodating overnight visitors.’ Bedrooms and guest rooms are also great choices, as they ‘offer a stylish alternative to traditional beds, providing comfortable sleeping arrangements without taking up too much space,’ she explains.

For more unconventional options, consider a home office. ‘A daybed provides a place to relax during breaks or work in a more laid-back position’ (very Mad Men) ‘and can also function as a guest bed if you’re short on guest rooms.’ ‘A daybed in a sunroom or enclosed porch creates an inviting space to relax, read, or enjoy the view,’ she explains, adding, ‘In a playroom, a daybed creates a multifunctional space where kids can play, read, or rest.’ ‘It also provides a cozy spot for parents to relax while supervising,’ notes Nina.

How should I style a modern daybed?

As you’ve likely noticed, modern daybeds can vary quite a bit, but there are a few guidelines to make them shine:

According to interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, rule number one is layering. ‘Use an array of cushions, throws, and blankets to add texture and warmth. Mixing patterns and colors can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere,’ she explains.

Speaking of texture, adding a rug is a must. ‘Placing a stylish rug underneath the daybed can define the space and make it appear more elegant.’ If you have the space, side tables are a great addition for a chic, lived-in look with added functionality.‘They provide a place for lamps, books, or drinks, enhancing the daybed’s usability,’ says Nina.

Not necessary, but incorporating greenery can make the space feel fresher and more energized — especially important if you’re using your daybed for overnight guests. No one wants to feel like they’re sleeping on some random couch; greenery makes the space feel more like home. To that end, incorporating personal items such as framed photos, art, or books adds a lovely touch.

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