There’s more to this trend than meets the eye

Think back to the paper plates of your childhood and it’s likely that the first thing you painted on them was a face. Happy or sad, the urge to see and create faces is near-universal.

Designers have now turned painted plates into a design thing. Whether they’re wistful, whimsical, pouting or deep in thought, face-on, side-on or staring off into the distance, this is one look everyone’s buying into right now.

As stunning as part of a wall display, as they are propped up on shelves or tabletops, face plates bring their own personality to any room. Alternatively, if glazed to be food-safe, you can use some of these plates in a more practical way – for soulful suppers, dramatic dinners or even a brooding brunch. And of course, afternoon tea is always better when there’s a cheeky smile emerging beneath your slice of cake.

Perhaps what makes the trend so continually popular though, is the range of designs on offer. There’s a decorative plate for every taste – faces made from pared-back brushstrokes, those with bold glazed colours and delicate flourishes of decoration. Plus, as well as instantly recognisable imagery from houses such as Fornasetti and Christian Lacroix, you’ll find independent artisans galore with their own take on the genre, making a face plate the ideal way to discover a new favourite illustrator or designer.

We’ve rounded up six fabulous face plates that would easily take pride of place on any wall or displayed on a dresser. There’s a range of styles, so they’re suited to a number of different interior schemes. Or, if your tastes are more eclectic, we encourage you to mix and match. The eyes may be the window to the soul but you can speak volumes with a face plate.

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